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    I applied for the business credit card and got denied. They pull from experian. I have a 775 experian credit score. Have been in contact with them for weeks trying to get this decision over turned. They send u a letter when you get denied. My denial was because of my credit score which is good. I have low debt to income and a solid credit profile. You cant dispute over the phone it must be through the message portal.

  2. How can I get into navy fed. Someone told to say that my father was a vet. You say they audit though so I don’t want to lie

  3. Peggy Bourdo

    God bless you for all that you do!

  4. Benjamin Ragland

    Can I have that bhg connect?

  5. wealth abundance

    Nice points and I heard they're not as good with the business compared to the personal lines but that leverage Is awesome I'm learning

  6. Lorenzo Lewis

    I did a late night on-line limit increase, it didn't result in a hard pull, FYI.

  7. Lorenzo Lewis

    I have a business checking and savings. I was walked through it over the phone, it's a little lengthy, I believe it took almost 2 hrs. Straight forward no issues. I've been building my credit, I have a Amex card currently with a balance of $2000. They didn't approve me for a limit increase after my 93/1 rule, said I recently had a limit change, I believe it's 6 months now. Not sure what to do first, apply for the black card, go for increase, or apply for business credit.

  8. Jonathan Rijos

    What up this Jonathan I am a trucker just moved to Vegas. I just did a request for your Facebook group . Be sure to approve it . So we can link up .

  9. I’ve open my navy federal business account checking and savings also I did the pledge loan and secure card how can I get business funding I have my ein and llc already wondering how can I get capital

  10. Malcolm Allen

    Do you need the 60 day good standing certificate??

  11. Georgette Hanna

    Yes! I needed this info!

  12. MrFanBoy 3.0

    You been putting me on Game for a while now, and I thank you!🙏🏽, in Feb I got the Secured Credit card, for 5k down, in Aug I should be getting reviewed. Also recently opened up a Business Account with Navy Fed. About to watch more of your videos to see what advice you have with that. 👍🔥

  13. Travis Willis

    Do you know If you freeze Experian will they pull TransUnion?

  14. I got denied for CLOC this morning. I have checking,savings,direct deposit,2 credit cards and certificate with NFCU and they still denied me. 🙃

  15. Georgette Hanna

    Great job!

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