💀 ICO Death?!? Declaration of (Crypto)Currency Independence 📜 $ZEN $ELA $MOPRH $ZPT $NEO $XVG

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ZenCash has a good day in the market amidst Binance listing and partnerhip with Blue Frontiers and Varyon, crypto memes are back, Morpheus Network partners with Accesspay, Elastos partners with Weatherblock, Tron to potentially acquire BitTorrent, Da Hongfei interview, Zeepin bounty, ICO Death, the Declaration of Currency Independence, how to spot a goo altcoin, crypto news, and more!

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0:20 Market Update: ZenCash (ZEN) Interview: https://youtu.be/O4QdO-26TY4
1:45 Crypto Memes Explained: https://www.crypto-roadmaps.com/cryptomemesexplained
2:42 Morpheus Network (MORPH) x AccessPay
4:01 Elastos (ELA) Partners With Weatherblock
5:18 Da Hongfei (NEO) Coinfi Interview: https://blog.coinfi.com/timothy-tam-interviews-neo-founder-da-hong-fei/
6:15 PornHub uses Vice Tokens (VICE) not Verge (XVG) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dd_ipKwVMAAAxTL.jpg
6:55 Tron’s Justin Sun (TRX) to acquire BitTorrent?
7:55 Zeepin (ZPT) Community Contribution: https://medium.com/@zeepin/zeepin-community-contribution-program-become-our-ambassador-686e8af58c10
8:47 How To Spot A Good Altcoin: https://medium.com/hilocrypto/the-anatomy-of-a-profitable-altcoin-what-to-look-for-before-investing-e49cab5fbf3b
9:25 The Declaration of (Crypto)Currency Independence: https://currencyindependence.com/read-en.html
10:46 💀 ICO PR Stunt Turns Tragic: https://www.ccn.com/ico-pr-stunt-turns-tragic-after-guide-dies-scaling-mt-everest/
12:42 Crypto News

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Elastos Updates! Marshall Islands National Crypto | Morpheus Network CEO Chat | $MORPH $ELA $OMG

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  1. The Bounty cabinet of TokenGo works fine and fast, is very more friendly than most others ICO'S campaigns, the tasks are multiples and the good part is you get feedback if you dont do it correctly, will soon be even better with the growth of the platform. Join us!

  2. I hope NEO become the number one place to go by 2020, it's pretty clean and efficient, more videogames like GALA would be nice as well. I like McAfee support for privacy coins, He said many times he would look into DeepOnion but he still hasn't gave his opinion on this project (which I greatly appreciate) not so sure about his currency independance declaration, I have mixed feelings about the libertarian tone and McAfee credibility, on the other hand I'd really like to see a global political movement for crypto and to rebuild the economic and financial system.

  3. Hi Mr. Dub! Hope you're well. Have you given any attention to Hypernernetwork.io? Now I'm far from being a blockchain expert, but it does look interesting. Another guy I follow was sceptical. It's another model for the tokenization of computational power. I have nothing to do with these guys but have heard good stuff. All the best, Rich.

  4. Thanks, good video. Tell, and except as growth of cost of cryptocurrency it is possible still how to earn that?

  5. Greeting from Tonga – Hey K-Dub thanks for yet another informative vid. I now have my afternoon mapped out as I look into Arcana. I had not heard of the wallet before but if it can deliver all that you said then it has to be considered. On a separate note…..any idea when we can look forward to another mega chat with the likes of Candor, Lark and Brad? (I have just asked Candor the same question) these chats are a great format, and together you all create an awesome knowledge bank with morals….a great resource for the community. Cheers J

  6. Hey can u do a review on Asura coin which aims to create at self-sustainable eSports platform on Neo. Generally i love new based icos whats your take on it.

  7. Not seeing as bad of a dip on the weekend, because we've already massively dipped LOL! Good video as usual!

  8. Did you do something on ADA? It's so confusing all the symbols in your backgrounds… check your editor for LSD pr mushrooms before he does the covers.

  9. Could he have faked his disappearance to go back for the wallet? Was it really only $50.000?? …(Xfiles music)

  10. Loved it!!!!!! You’re really making this into an art….keep up good work!!!