🔥 3 CHEAPEST Altcoins to Make You RICH 🔥 | Crypto News Today

Did you know that when Bitcoin first started you could get 4 Bitcoin for a penny? While Bitcoin is certainly an anomaly in cryptocurrency, there are still loads of …


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  1. I've got some FTM since this winter. I see the CIO on an interview who explained the project and I'm very bullish with the fundamentals.

  2. Thanks, I am keen to look at these, I am a newbie, what platforms can they be bought from?

  3. another great vid Chris. You lads are really improving your delivery and tightened up beautifully.

  4. Darbid Darbid

    FTM could be a great project, great tokenomics, reasonable project goals and they already have real life projects with small governments. It probably will not hit a parabolic high this cycle but will be a great project to accumulate in the next bear market. Staking requires a locked period which may not impress some people, but, it pays fairly high rewards for a 12 month period. I predict it will follow in the footsteps of ADA (eg based on market cap FTM could see a 70x increase)and will prove itself in the long term with great organic growth.

  5. Pendle a great project. Early stages, low volume.

  6. Pi- jvc12
    Bee- jvc12

  7. federico de rosa

    Hey guys I m new on the channel, where you can buy MTV ? I cannot find it, thanks .

  8. Thank you

  9. Where is your buddy? Did u decide its time to go own ways?



  11. Crypto world about to get flipped upside-down as Ethereum & ERC-20 tokens crash after investors convert billions into Cardano & Cardano ecosystem tokens to catch wave of Gen 3 cryptocurrencies. Happened in May and about to.hapoen again on grand scale.

  12. Koolkidzownly *ronsfeld*

    No DSLA?

  13. William Breeze

    Thanks for the list 👍.

  14. Nepalese Newar

    AIOZ network

  15. kareem alfred

    Fantom token

  16. $MTV #Multivac is a BIG part of my portfolio with the recent moves…

    Little gem this one, going to the moon.

  17. ramzi chamekh

    👽 AlienBet 🛸 Is growing faster than ever!

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to become apart of this incredible intergalactic, community.

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    NFT Collection – Aug 24th

    Private Sale – August 25th

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    Launch – HC / August 28th

  18. Thanks for the news! I also found OGN has great potential.

  19. No DSLA?


  21. Remco053 Cardano

    can you make a vid of staking sylo and the sylo wallert

  22. Alex Richard

    Nothings good comes easy in this world so either work for it or don't complain

  23. Guys have you given up on sylo??

  24. Luis Noronha

    Bepro network!!

  25. Yes that's true and i encourage people to invest in crypto, due to the situation of the economy now a days, one shouldn't rely only on monthly salaries.

  26. Kartel Henry

    The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: "the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left".

  27. I jumped in the VGX train shilling at 695 VGX and another horse I went on is Serum bought 200, I hope both will do do 5 X

  28. Thanks like a few exit vids for MTV Slyo dsla channel is great or should I let them ride

  29. No one I follow has been talking about RSR, was starting to worry I picked a wrong'un, so glad to hear you shout it out.

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