🚀 Linear Finance – LINA | 4X Coin | Analysis 🧐 | Price Prediction 💵 | 27-04-2021 🗓

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This is my analysis on Linear Finance – LINA coin, I see it going to that $0,40 range by the end of the year so that is a nice 4X but we have made a mid term plan for you where you can make 90% profit in a short amount of time.
This is from our paid Telegram group and we give out these kinds of plans every single day:
Buy = Around 0.0917

-T1 = 0.1170 (30%)

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-T2 = 0.1351 (50%)

-T3 = 0.1700 (90%)

Stop Loss – 0.0817 (11%)

If you would like to receive these kinds of plans with 90% accuracy rate then check out our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/cryptomarkus
You can receive these kinds of plans starting today and can make up to 25x profit.


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  1. thank for the vid. can you do another small analyse about LINA please, i want to enter but don't know when thanks