081 – Marketing Metrics that Matter

Are you working smarter or harder? Measuring the outcome of your work is arguably just as important as doing the work itself. Knowing when to focus on one task versus the other and which task produces the best outcome is crucial to your business’ success. Listen today as we go over how to create reflection points in order to measure your work and revenue to know which projects help your company the most and which are just a complete waste of time!

Show Notes
00:00 – Intro
4:50 What are marketing metrics?
6:24 Which marketing metrics matter?
21:23 Measuring marketing production team metrics.
32:10 What marketing metrics do not matter?

Quotable Moments
“Did I make more money from my marketing than I spent on it, in other words, revenue income.” – Martin
“It is also your responsibility to understand what’s working or not. You can’t just throw money out there and then wait five months and say, I didn’t get any more. Maybe you did and you just don’t know it.” – Martin
“Just because something’s working right now and it matters today and you feel like is the bread and butter of your business, if you’re really wanting to grow, it doesn’t mean that it’s the same thing that’s going to take you like it did from zero to one million to five to ten million.” – Khalil
“Follow the metrics that lead to revenue and focus on those.” – Khalil

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