#1 Journal Entries Accounting (Introduction) ~ Concept Behind Rules of Debit and Credit

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In this lecture I have not discussed the presentation and any method of preparing Journal Entries. I just focused on the logic behind double entry system of accounting and discussed why it is necessary to record every transaction into two parts i.e. Debit and Credit. This lecture is specially for beginners. In coming lectures I will discuss ‘Traditional Approach’ and ‘Modern Approach’ of Journal Entries.

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  1. Simple Excellent .i think there cannot be much simpler and easy to understanding explanation of transactions

  2. sir what will be the entry if profit, dividend, interest is received ? its not understand.
    and bad debt, depreciation etc. entry . please discus.

  3. Hats off sir. Icma kraha hu pakistan mn. Aaj apka lecture sun k phli bar itni asaani sy journal smjh ayi hain🥺❤

  4. I don't think so that i can reach this level of understanding before this this is such a nicely understandable video which helps to thousands of students right now. I feels bless 🙏 thank you so much for making this Types of videos please keep uploading more videos 🔥🔥👍🏻🙏

  5. Amazing sir pehli baar entry ki taraf dakha tha wo pehli he baar mei samja diya wo bhi bhoot achi tara..

  6. Bahut achhe sir mujhe debit credit itna hard lagta tha aapne to tna easy tareeke se samjha diye ki Mai bilkul samjha gya ab hame ye debit credit kabhi bhi bhoolega

  7. After watching only one video I subscribed your channel and also I am writing my first comment for any YouTube channel, that's all because of your content. Thankyou Sir for adding some value in my life. I can't stop myself to write a comment.

  8. He is very good teacher his teaching is really very good and very helpful for us thank you sir for all topics Allah bless u always 😊

  9. Sir hamare account me jab rupaye aate to credits ka msg ata hai or jab rupay deduct hote hai to debit hota hai aisa kyu
    Get means Debit and give means credits?

  10. mashaallah….sir allah pak apkko u hi achy sy guide krny ki tofeeq de ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen…😊

  11. If you want to understand the deep concept behind journal entries . This vedio is the best

  12. 0:54 spoken english ki baat kar rahe ho ya written english ki? kyuki spoken english ke liye ABC aana koi zaroori nahi.