$1 Million for Bitcoin is CHEAP According to Anthony Pompliano

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  1. Have you heard that vlx leverages sol codebast to make vlx as the advanced and fastest blockchain in this industry? I think it is such a great move in the beginning of 2021. Gonna bag more vlx and we'll moon soon🚀

  2. Got a question ,started mining on mobile and right now I have 0,0000016 btc that is it worth to keep going ?

  3. Cool, buy my btc for 1M each then if its so cheap I'll gladly sell them to you for that price.

  4. Last couple weeks has been so much fomo by friends family and acquaintances, been sending them all your way to pick up some knowledge brotha. Keep it up!

  5. Gold is good but try walking around
    With it or how do you pay for stuff?
    Oh wait let me saw a bit of gold from this Bar. Buy gold coins 1/10 ounce
    Then it will be more practical !

  6. We all know metals are flat cuz of manipulation but that just shows the power of btc

  7. George don't you think that some institutions WILL sell and take USD profits? Not all of them are Microstrategies who have the long term vision. Natural that some mega holders will take some profits in USD to show their shareholders, or risk losing potential profits before a bear market.

  8. at the rate things are going. people cant even afford the transaction fee 🙁

  9. "anything digital is worth more than its analog counterpart" comes from Michael Saylor

  10. My criticism regarding Pompliano's argument is that every time (until today) when a digital technology replaced analog technology, there was no doubt that the digital counterpart will always be the better technology. For example, we will never ever in the future come to a conclusion that consuming media via physical DVD is the better option than consuming vs streaming. But, with Bitcoin replacing physical gold, could we ever be sure? things can go wrong with Bitcoin in the future (no matter how small the chances are) that will erase most or all of its value (somebody cracking the code / a large country or company putting all its reserves into bitcoin and then losing the key and bankrupting the country/company which will lead to a global scare / some other technology taking bitcoin's place, etc). Bitcoin's resilience was only tested for 11 years, while Gold was tested for thousands of years. So if we could never ever be really sure that Bitcoin will be as safe as gold, can it really replace gold like Netflix replaced DVDs? If not, then Pompliano's argument collapses.