# 1 Rule in Crypto Investing! (Important!)

In this video we talk about the most important thing to understand in crypto.

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00:00 – Introduction


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    Great as always.

  2. Homer & Bart Show

    Is this a reality bites reference

  3. Take profits, sure, but when? Daily, weekly, monthly?

  4. Gabriel Valdez

    Used my gains to buy a car, fully paid off. I plan to use other gains for family vacations, and other sudden expenses.

  5. Dianne Hensley

    I have a wallet but got stuck at the square…

  6. Codename Diva

    I was looking for that post where people stated how they spent their crypto gains on your IG. I couldn't find it. I would like to see it please.

  7. Great point about taking profits; especially in these times. I would add that we should not expect to sell at the high and learn to be ok with that.

    Do you have a rule of thumb for when to take profits? Like after a certain percent gain in a certain amount of time? Or is it just a gut feel? Or is it when you are generally happy with the gains and feel like it's a good time to take the profits?

    My problem is that I worry about taking profits and then later realizing that I sold way too early. Think of all of those people who sold BTC when it was $10K and then watched it go to $60K. They must be thinking that they won't be able to get back in again at $10K or below.

  8. Lisa Farkass

    Thank you. You are awesome. Do you think I should get a hard wallet before I sell and spend any crypto or does it matter?

  9. what comes up must come down? this is why i didnt buy bitcoin when it hit $80

  10. Hey Casey! Since I bumped into your channel my desire to learn more about crypto currency emerged to nth power 😅 kidding aside tho, i've been listening to your podcast and watching this channel to fully educate myself to embark into this journey… Thank you so much for all your effort! keep it up 👍🥰💪🏻

  11. Aaron Ngawaka

    Yes indeed Casey your video…. Very inspiring and insightful it just makes sense. For a complete newbie what would you recommend for someone like me to get in the game cheers

  12. She's selling really hard!;Why?

  13. Matthew Morrison

    Lucid and meaningful message, thanks

  14. blackjack90631

    Very philosophical viewpoint good vid 👍🏽

  15. Dennis Tchen

    This young woman makes a lot of sense and she knows her stuff. New subscriber.

  16. Robert Marlo

    Had more than 300k invested in 2018, made some wrong moves could have been worth millions .. but a few coins saved the portfolio, I am no longer in loss but holding some solana , fantom etc. will sell in 2022 early .. close to 2 million networth mostly related to historic stock market returns , so don’t care much even if lose all those crypto value … i have a few btc which never indent to sell though

  17. Robert Marlo

    #2 rule in crypto , never sell your btc to buy alt coin . btc is for long term holding, think as a property you want to pass to next generation

  18. The PC case in the background looks great!

  19. Sarah Von Bergen

    This is so good. I tend to diamond hand way too much.

  20. Crazy because I never took profit and I made millions. You only need to take profits when you buy shit coins that dip 50 90%

  21. I’m still so confused…

  22. Fredrick Hanson

    When you invest you are buying a day you don't have to work ,

  23. I think this tip pertains to life in general rich or poor, live life to the fullest while you and your love ones are still here

  24. vishalnk77 Vishal Kondhia

    Hey thnx for ur video. Just want to know where did u do u research from. U mentioned I didn't do my research on some crypto. So where should we do the research from.

  25. leonel maldonado

    Could you maybe make a video for us new investors on how to properly sell and collect profits correctly (taxes ,losses ,gas fees) ? Thanks always great information non the less

  26. Very wise woman

  27. Vedic Warrior वैदिक योद्धा

    Very sobering…. I needed this. Gonna cash out 10% of my profits. 👍🙏

  28. Lawrence Rajotte


    … That's obviously acronym for S.C.A.N. -as in 'scan the exchanges for crypto gold…'

    Sweet… 🙂

  29. Tom Dimitropoulos

    Using deferred taxation vehicles and compound interest is the best assurance of gains Full Stop. Only caveat you have to delay gratification.

  30. Tom Dimitropoulos

    Rubbish squared

  31. The European wood.

    My love told me to watch your video and it does touch me .keep going you know your next video will be the 100 video.

  32. Brenda Thomas

    Thank you CC…lots of food for thought!

  33. Kirantana Khalsa


  34. David Bailey

    How how how ??? No one will help you unless you pay dearly !!!!

  35. Gerald Piwowar

    Clearly one of the best videos I have ever seen on YouTube. Courageous story well told.

  36. Casey: Every coin has 2 sides. So, I think your response should be: "It depends"
    Instead of take your profits.
    If your Aunt had taken ever cent of "profit" at age 49 1/2……what would have changed for her outcome?
    I started investing in Tesla in 2016. A couple weeks ago….I hit 1 Million. Had I "taken profits" all along the way. I would have $50,000 or $75,000 TODAY.
    So I think your advice is good….for you. But not everyone.

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