10 Real-Life Murder Plot Twists

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We all love a murder mystery, as many Netflix documentaries will tell you! These true murder plot twists are so shocking, they all deserve their own binge-worthy true crime documentaries! These are 10 Real-Life Murder Plot Twists…

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  1. Hmm using a psychic person to solve a case hmm sounds familiar cough cough Phoenix Wright.🧐😑

  2. Brother, your research is amazing. You just gotta work on your video picture reference to topic better.

  3. #10. At the time of death, Dorian lived in another building. However, the previous tenant of the apartment that the trunk was found in was a good friend of Dorian. On theory is that Dorian rented the apartment so the friend didn't have to move the trunk.

  4. "Kicked to death by a moose"

    The kind of story that will make anyone hearing it go: "Nah, come on how'd she really die."

  5. About the manson victim like most of his "victims" if there were that many that dispute was over tex watson the real killer's girlfriend stealing a drug dealer/pimps money charlie dealt with it himself for protection of the ranch like other times before because of who the girls got involved with messing around with that sort of people theres better detail about the real story in the book goodbye helter skelter

  6. hopefully the guy who was almost killed by charles manson was able to eventually get some piece of mind and be able to enjoy his life.

  7. In other news, Rocky is devastated after learning Bullwinkle went on a drunken bender and killed someone.