$1000/ month | Fourth Stimulus Check Update | Biden Receives Heavy Criticism And Daily News

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Senator Josh Hawley proposed a $12,000 tax credit for working families with kids. He now says it would be more effective as a month to month option giving $1000 a month to married couples and $500 a month to single parents. Pelosi and Schumer called for a $2000 stimulus check yet now all they talk about is re-opening. Could they be changing their attention going forward? Biden tried to appeal to Republicans in Louisiana by sharing how he would use the money from the infrastructure bill but found little favor from the people and the two senators of that state. Biden came under fire after suggesting he might remove the intellectual property rights of the vaccine companies. Critics say protecting your business, patents and IP is what makes America great.

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– 4th & 5th Stimulus Check Update
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  1. Would monthly money to help raise kids be better or a lump sum payment?
    Should Biden protect patents or share company secrets?
    Should you place all your stimulus in DOGE coin?
    Thanks for watching. Stay AMAZING! Can't wait to share my new shirts with you.

  2. So, if someone who doesn't have kids at home anymore but is still struggling, does this mean they won't get stimulus help???

  3. Single parents are making 1/2 as much and is struggling that much more. It would make more sense that the single parent should get the 1k and married ppl get the $500. Or base it on the #of kids.

  4. Head of household should get it, I’m single raising 2 kids on my own, my kid’s dads don’t pay for prescriptions, clothes, etc. my kid has type 1 diabetes, prescriptions are expensive monthly and his $400 in child support is not good enough.

  5. @vecbud on telegram is the best vendor ever I know he was man of his word I got my profit of 4.5btc after I deposit the little needed to make more thanks for being honest dude

  6. Cause having children are expensive and they are the ones that suffer. They are not in school 🎒📚they get sick 🤒child care , some charge per child so if you have 2 or 3 you have to pay ext… We pray that we go back to normalcy the Country has suffered too much.. Besides COVID lot's of people have committed suicide , also been depressed…We keep going and hopefully the President also does something for the economy that has suffered so much…

  7. I think that the " month to month " payment(1,000) would be the best choice: monies would be spent and last longer, rather than spending a lump sum much too fast, all at once

  8. I do not yet get my stimulus ck with my 2 kids. I am married but filed my 2020 tax separately. My wife get hers only 1400. Anyone with the same issue?

  9. I'm single mother who work two jobs to support my son with rent too high bill and food it not easy trying to keep up with everything

  10. People with out kids can use extra money too! We pay higher taxes for schools when we have kids grown and out of the house.

  11. The money is for kids. Single parents deserve equal monthly payments. The quantity of kids stay the same. In fact quantity of kids should be considered.

  12. What about Grandparents that have custody if their grandchildren? Do they fall under that category ?

  13. Don't get your hopes up. There will not be a forth stimulus. I'm talking about a direct payment to individuals who qualify. It's not going to happen.

  14. Giving a couple more money is not right. Single parents and depending on amount of kids.

  15. Single no kids at home.i appreciate all I can get.but I think we should get more them what we do. I still struggling with rent and stuff I need.Ive been fighten for my disability and it's hard to make ends meet .so every little bit I get helps out alot.

  16. I dont understand the logic behind giving couples 2X the money? Rent, utilities etc. all cost the same and twice as hard for a single Mom?

  17. What about older singles experiencing agism issues when looking for work in a field one has experience in?? Help should also be available for those not yet ready to collect social security or a reverse mortgage. So many of these senators can’t think outside of a narrow range.

  18. What about the people who CHOOSE to be on WELFARE and pop out a multitude of children….the ones that only work long enough to get an INCOME TAX check…..I am a SINGLE VETERAN Of 13 and 1/2 years (U.S. Navy) and find this a bit offensive… Glad SOME families that are struggling can receive the help though 🙁

  19. Yes – No to the vaccine patent – don't want to see the rest of the world sick & with the 'chip' it has – Blessed It Be.