11 Risk Factors That Destroy Your Brain | Dr. Daniel Amen on Health Theory

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Dr. Daniel Amen is a double board certified psychiatrist and nine-time New York Times bestselling author. He sits down with Tom Bilyeu to talk about how to deal with negative thoughts, keeping your brain healthy, and assessing your brain type.

How to make a good brain great [01:07] Why contact sports are worse than cocaine [03:59] How to stop automatic negative thoughts [05:54] 5 questions to ask yourself when you’re feeling anxious [09:16] Techniques to calm anxiety [15:00] Simple places to start improving your brain heath [16:47] Everything you’re probably doing that’s destroying your brain [19:56] The foods you should and shouldn’t be eating for your brain [20:50] The lifestyle factors you must change now [24:24] The ideal lifestyle and dietary factors that will improve your brain [31:09] Dr. Amen’s thoughts on keto [34:02] How to approach an elimination diet [35:43] Why it’s so difficult to get people to change [39:51] The importance of flooding all your senses with happiness [43:53]


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  1. Hayley Sampson

    This guy is using Byron Katie's process.

  2. What about chi gong ? Correordination

  3. Ethan Sansone

    I'm interested about the social media one. How would we be able to share these videos or even watch them?

  4. Гайхамшгийг бишрэгч

    brilliant .

  5. Mang Liankhual

    Good thing i am not interested in footbal lol…while everyone in my community was a die-hard fans of this game

  6. I’m uncomfortable when someone, the Dr above, does not acknowledge where his “questions” come from? Byron Katie’s work. Check her out.

  7. Beautiful.. Question your thoughts, if u believe them u create your own suffering..

    A thought comes
    Is it true
    Do I know for 100 percent that it's true
    If I believe this thought how will I react
    If I don't believe this thought who will I be

    Byron Katie starts this too..

    Challenge your thoughts, your thoughts aren't who u are..

  8. Muhammad Tariq

    Fox News and CNN are bad for brain health as they make you angry, frustrated, partisan, create polarization and ruining people's health.

  9. Muhammad Tariq

    Awesome job Tom is doing. Thank you. Keep it up.

  10. I did read this: “Dr. Amen “charges patients thousands of dollars to inject them with radioactive compounds and show them pretty colored pictures of their brains without any credible evidence that it adds to the diagnostic or treatment processes,” wrote Dr. Harriet Hall.

    “Theoretically it would be great if you could do a scan and use it to make a diagnosis,” Dr. Carlat of Tufts told me. “But the key point is that it’s all theoretical. There haven’t been any convincing studies at all that you can diagnose conditions that Dr. Amen says you can diagnose.” Dr. Carlat said he applauds Dr. Amen for some things, notably “bringing natural healing into his practice,” emphasizing things like nutrition, sleep and lifestyle as elements in psychological well-being. “But to the extent that he’s leading people to the false premise that you can use SPECT images to get a diagnosis, that’s where he verges on being a charlatan

  11. Daniel Tsegay

    This is the only thing what makes me I live # impact theory!!! You are such a angle tom.may God bless your life.❤️🙏💪🏾📚🧠👁✍️🏾🦾

  12. David Starbuck

    Yellow sneakers with ZERO dirt on the bottom and a batman t-shirt. 🤦‍♂️ Retirement, many times lets you exercise more, think about stimulating things, do good deeds, etc. The average worker bee has a lousy life. Wage slavery. Chasing the material junk food of life.

  13. Thank you so much for this interview. This information is really a blessing to many. It would be even more awesome if it had spanish captions, so I could share it with my sister and 16 year old niece who has a very poor diet and is affected by constant anxiety, but they only speak Spanish.

  14. Line Dallaire

    According a lot of doctors, like Greger, Esselstyn, the site The truth about health, Campbell, John McDougall, the book THE CHINA STUDY, Dean Ornish,, etc., fish is no good. Better is avocados, sea algae, nuts.

  15. Line Dallaire

    If a Canadian office would exist in Canada, I would be your first customer

  16. Jessie Kenyon

    I found Antidepressants increase bad cholesterol and clogged my arteries by 53. Since I discontinued their practices, and added real natural nutrients and became more mobile and blood is now better than the drs

  17. Girthon Reid

    D Amen is awsome. Thank you. Your program is always great

  18. gilbert ratcliff

    Random, I just ate a quest bar.

  19. Chris Stephens

    “They all got them right expect for one thing”


    😆 Tom this is 2nd graders

  20. Amazing interview thankyou

  21. What supplements will help my 15 yr old daughter? She has depression/anxiety & hasn't been outside for ages. She just can't face it. She is taking fish oils & D3 & K2. What other supplements would help? This video is very helpful for myself too 👏

  22. It’s great we have more and more channels like this.

  23. Mona Iannucci

    Cat scan?

  24. Lilia Ferguson

    Thank you Dr. Amen..

  25. luciana gekoff

    The four questions , is it true is The work by Byron Katie

  26. I/o brain relapse for men from head to heels over so to spit out stem clogged in weigh Reis on a stairway of vollos I am lash tripping gas burn burpees caught up by DNA a blockade due to spit acid foiled poisoning…please help me recall name for antidote

  27. Gordana Marjanovic


  28. Sophia Trinity 333

    To the T. Wow!!! She woke to those 4/5 questions 26 urs ago and international of highest regard and authority of this healing paradigm. You had me on so many fronts UNTIL — your selling, ‘biting off’ someone else’s global contribution. Actual INTEGRITY ring any of your brains neurons?!?!
    It would be extraordinary if you responded to this reflection? Are You Listening?🙏

  29. When parents push positive thinking onto kids it's like abuse. It's not authentic

  30. I have a book that says inadequate breathing, and low blood flow causes anxiety. I was a smoker. The book said smokers generally have anxiety or depression. Smokers can cut off blood flow to the brain by clenching the trapeius muscles, blocking blood flow in the carotid arteries. I test as having clogged carotid arteries. But apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice can help unclog the arteries. I quit smoking after 45 years by using stretches of the trapeius. The eagle pose in Bikram yoga, and interlacing my fingers around a knee to really, really keep the trapeius muscles open saved me. Anxious people hold their shoulders up to protect the neck. Those stretches stopped the tetany in the jaw, and severe crapping in my legs, going through withdrawal. I smoked eight cigarettes at a time, four times a day, two lit at once, chain smoking until all eight were smoked. Hypnotism helped. But constantly stretching the trapeius to open the carotid arteries, was the almost instantly miraculous cure.

  31. krish sreenivas

    Good Video. Informative.

  32. Sandy Strait

    Really appreciated this talk. So much good mental medicine spoken here.

  33. W.C.K. is dreamcruiser1


  34. maurice femenias

    I have acyst in fossa posterior wall 3 cm benigh i monitor every 6 months

  35. This man is spitting some straight TRUTH. It should be global law that every man woman and child watch this video.

    I feel that Tom, like many people, might've gotten kinda bored listening to this dude's detail oriented monolog. The older I get, the more I find that most ppl are conditioned to get bored easily.

    SOCIAL CONDITIONING! Ruining human interaction for smart humans for over a century!

  36. Nursing Student

    I love this episode. Thank you Tom.

  37. I would like to see Willie Nelson's brain scan. Would make a great PBS pledge drive special.

  38. You can tell Dr Amen is genuine as he is coming around to what really is a healthy diet and how bad sugar is.

  39. I am so grateful for your work Tom.

  40. Thank you Batman!! 🦇💛 this YouTube is awesome 👏

  41. Humble and Grateful

    Incredible video

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