11 Ways to Earn Bitcoins & Make Money with Bitcoin (2021 updated)

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While there are many ways you can make money with Bitcoin in the end there are no free meals. Earning Bitcoins online take time and money and most methods promising free Bitcoins will not be worth the time wasted on them.

Here are the different methods I cover in this video:

0:18 – Intro
1:21- Micro earnings
2:25 – Owning a Bitcoin faucet
3:11 – Signature campaigns
4:18 – Bitcoin trading
5:16 – Bitcoin affiliate programs
6:32 – Gambling (very high risk)
7:20 – Crypto blogging
8:26 – Offering crypto services
8:46 – Bitcoin mining
10:20 – Bitcoin lending platforms
11:14 – Coin doublers and HYIPs (avoid)
12:22 – Conclusion + flowchart

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  1. CAUTION!! Many scammers are using the comment section to promote their scams and sometimes even use the name “99Bitcoins” in their profile. Never send money to someone you don’t know and don’t accept offers to trade or exchange cryptocurrency from strangers.
    Stay safe 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Activehack01 on !G… I appreciate you efforts, you’ve been there through hazard times… I’m forever grateful..

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  4. Great teaching. I’m going to follow you for more education on Bitcoin.

  5. Super useful, thanks!

  6. I've searched for the answer on the internet but I still haven't found the answer. Maybe someone here can answer it or maybe the answer is so self evident it doesn't really need to be answered and I'm failing to see it. But, the question is: If I put my crypto in a wallet, whether it be cold or hot, does it still gain on the market?

  7. Ravi Pherson

    I have been trading forex for 2years now, finally at the point I'm leaving my job as a Tech. Best advice I could give is DO NOT JUMP INTO LIVE, stick to your DEMO until you have a working strategy or better still get a professional broker. Have a long term mindset and compound your account. Project it over a year or so and meet those daily goals. Greed will make you or break you in this game, I wish the BEST OF LUCK…

  8. Enes Öksüz

    why are you so good ? I like your course man

  9. What about staking???

  10. Khadija songs Ismail

    Any free sites for mining on phone

  11. Question:
    Is it possible to buy a BitCoin and hold it without doing anything else, and just wait for the value to go up, and then sell it?

  12. Revolutions Barber

    Hello please I try swapping $20.70 bitcoin to Ethereum but I only received $4.90 Ethereum on blockchain and I dont understand this .That's crazy….Can someone tell me something

  13. shirley lake

    The Silver Report Uncut just released a video of the treasury raiding businesses that deal in crypto.

  14. I love this channel. 🖤

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  16. K-Fitness Club

    How do I invest in Bitcoin for a long term

  17. Andrew Johnson

    I thought of Investing in bitcoin around July Feb 2018 but was discouraged with the rise and fall of bitcoin. I don't know if it's still safe and ideal to invest now and what platform is recommended

  18. Wes Smith LT

    Please help anyone I want to buy !

  19. Just gave a downvote for the open mouth on the thumbnail. Don't try to be something you're not.

  20. Fanny Santos

    You're the best!

  21. Nicholas Del Rosario

    What about reputable lending sites like blockfi or nexo that leverages collateral while lending? Is this less risky to earn crypto?

  22. Taruha Kurogane

    So how about Bitcoin investing? I'm actually interested to invest using an app called Luno

  23. Smokey Monjes

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  24. Yeah….you could drop FUD on XRP like all the useless bitcon turdboys do…

  25. fyi… your book has an error. " link but doesn’t but anything". do a search for this. i may be wrong, the word 'but' should be 'buy'.

  26. Shaibu Banda

    God bless u .all my answers has been found

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    Great resource

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    Great head-up bro, how can I download the affiliate market e-book

  29. Hi! Love your channel and videos. But what I'm wondering is if it's even worth getting into bitcoins today? I see now that one bitcoin is worth a crap load of money and I feel like since I missed out on investing in them when they first came into existence and were relatively cheap, that there's no point in getting into it now since I can't even afford one flippin bitcoin 😖

  30. Saami Bitcoin

    great, you are fantastic, its a really suitable and profitable video that i learn so much by it. thank you so much i subscribed to this channel and i sure that i will learn so much from this channel.

  31. There's also staking & liquidity pools, worth looking into 🙂

  32. Sophie Albert

    How did u guys get bitcion cause it seen hard to me

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