$1,400 Stimulus Check Update! [Feb 1]

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Joe Biden reveals his new stimulus check plan live. $2,000 checks, unemployment pay, rental relief, mortgage forbearance, and more. The American Recovery Plan is a $1.9 trillion dollar stimulus relief package and includes third stimulus checks of $1,400. When is the third stimulus check expected to arrive? The end of February or mid March.

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An update on Biden’s new stimulus check package and $2,000 stimulus check plan for Feb 1, 2021. This is an update on the third stimulus check. This update may include updates on the EIDL grants / advances from the SBA, PPP loans, unemployment pay, SSI/SSDI/VA benefits, stimulus checks, unemployment checks, PUA, PEUC, pandemic unemployment pay, rental assistance, stimulus checks, student loan forgiveness, Biden tax changes, and more. Forbearance for renter’s and mortgage forbearance extensions. Automatic stabilizers. Debt forgiveness for students. Vaccine funding. The infrastructure package and more. In the mean time, Senator Mitch McConnell is holding up the next stimulus package by demanding an organizing resolution include a guarantee that the filibuster will not be ended. Joe Biden is exchanging calls with the Problem Solver’s Caucus and other moderate democrats and republicans to get a bipartisan package passed.

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  1. The most troubling thing about this video is that Kevin is not wearing the classic blue headphones that he is wearing in the thumbnail, I am making a bobblehead of each of my favorite investor mentors and he is one of them, no luck getting blue headphone thumbnail : ( Misleading advertisement of content!

  2. Despite all the economic crisis this is the right time to start up an investment

  3. I want 1 billion stimi …just send invoice to China

  4. I appreciate your work ethic Kevin

  5. Lonnie Christopher

    …..Well……well….well…..Supreme Court to decide 2020 election issues in February conference….well….well…well….Bye, bye Biden…..fck- head….!!

  6. I have a serious question to ask everyone. How can we return power back to the people? These so called free and fair elections are clearly not working and haven't for some time now. Somehow we have all been duped into thinking there is only two choices. Problem is the Elite make sure who those choices are. End of the day they control everything and laugh all the way to the bank while we argue about who's to blame, left or right! I call bullshit

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  8. Blah blah blah, delays delays delays, cuts cuts cuts, and not one of these MF'ers can ever blame Trump like they liked to.

  9. Mr David Ashley

    REPUBLICANS don't know or care how much milk or gas costs.

  10. Anthony oquendo

    Any ideas on why robinhood won't let me sell my stock ?

  11. Barbara Blevins

    They tell u anything into office an then screw us the american people .biden promised 2000 .he dropped it because of trump's 600 tob1400 then now they want to drop to 1000 ,1000 difference there all crooked.were screwed look at all the damage already.gas prices up.oil line shut down people comming over the border we cant take care of our own an now they want to help the others too.i get helping but we cant help us they fight over every crumb they give us…look out america were goin to hit rock bottom quik.oh an wages they dont feel we are worth more then 7.73cents an hour.DO THEY LIVE LIKE THIS.ABSOULTLEY NOT:DO THEY CARE ABOUT US HELL NO…HIDE AN WATCH!!

  12. Myanmar AHla

    STIMULUS PAYMENTS # 003 ($1,400 + $600 = $2,000):

    THANKS very much for our US Presidential Team, Approving and Signing Covid-19 Relief, Third Stimulus Payments Amounts of: ($1,400 + $600 = $ 2,000) , which I have NOT Received to-date on 02/03/2021.

    These Stimulus Payments have been ANNOUNCED Repeatedly with Videos, on The Internet, for many, many months. I have Received my 2nd Stimulus Payment Amount of $600.00 on 01/04/2021, after Waiting 8 ½ months, since 1st Stimulus Payment Amount of $1,200.00 on 05/08/2020. Thanks!

    Please Process my 3rd Stimulus Payment Amount of $2,000 IMMEDIATELY, because I need the FUNDS to Pay for my Cost of Living Expenses [Tithes & Offerings, Housing, Storages, Garages, Rents & Renter’s Insurance); GAP Insurance, Home Security Alarm Systems, Bank related Expenses (Safety Deposit Boxes & Fees), Transportation (Car Payment, Insurances, Maintenance & Gasoline); Food & Drinks, Clothing, Health Insurances (Vision, Dental, Medications, etc ..), Family Members & Friends (Birthdays & Holidays), Gym (Annual Fee & Membership), Donations & Charities, Savings for Children, Emergency Funds, Credit Cards Annual Fees, Presidential Contributions, etc … , and my Deceased Mother‘s Expenses]. My Mother DIED on 05/08/2020, at her Chinese Age of 97.


    “In GOD We Trust” Amen.
    Miss Lois Jane Teresa Lee,
    Former Employee of The US Treasury Department;
    Government Services (G.S.) Level 13 – (1990-1991):
    Financial Services Department (FMS – Electronic Certification System), and
    The Internal Revenue Services (IRS – Senior Technical Staff)

    Phone: (740) 322-3601
    Email Address: [email protected]terpalum.umd.edu, OR [email protected]gmail.com
    Mailing Address: P O Box 105, Newark, OH. 43058-0105, USA.

    Date: 02/03/2021 @ 07:15 pm (EST, USA).

  13. George Schlaline

    Would you buy food or a place to live

  14. Wow! Amazing Realeast_hacks0 on Instagram full of greatness.thank you I will reference it many times over I’m sure on one come close to you with all you’ve been doing since we meet.surely come back for more my life have turn around now

  15. Laura Justine

    Second payment transfer from Realeast_hacks0 on Instagram, they didn’t renege on their words and I’m happy I didn’t get into any trouble dealing with them

  16. I really appreciate the good work of Realeast_hacks0 on Instagram for me during the lockdown I was able to have enough funds for me and my family I’m so happy meeting them

  17. Tyger Oconor

    I have never gotten one stimulus

  18. Tatiana slovietski

    Lmaoooooooooo 🤣

  19. That truly SUCKS! We are a large family of 8 but our agi filing jointly is 117k. So we would be cut out despite tremendous hits to our income this past year.

  20. @MeetKevin are you making a video this evening

  21. Cflores32097

    Very upsetting very sad this is pitiful but I find it humorous that people just automatically assume because someone is part of a democratic party that they are saints with halos on their head they sit there and feel to realize that all politicians are going to lie to get their way in maybe this will be a stepping stool teach people that weather democrat or republican they all lie

  22. Jeffrey Townsend

    $1,400 dollar stimulus check update. 12/22/2021…

  23. dam hammer gosh dammer 1

    When are u going to get rid of your channel.?

  24. kentucky boy 92

    We're you at meet Kevin? What's the news

  25. jbrown060315

    Where's Kevin? It's been 84 years. -Rose Dawson

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