This is your $1400 third stimulus check update for February 18th for stimulus check 3. In this $1400 third stimulus check update, I discuss the individual stimulus checks for California and Maryland going out, the $1400 third stimulus check, unemployment, and timeline for the third stimulus check. Stay tuned for more updates on the second stimulus check and the next stimulus package!

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  1. Josh Anderson

    Good morning everyone! Hope you're all having a great Thursday so far! 🙂
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  2. California must received $1400 👍😁not not $600 😠😡👿

  3. Dennis Walls

    To little to late..The damage to American Families has been done. All you he as r over and over is we care, yeah right ! You can't " jump start" an economy with a measly $ 1400 dollars. Yeah i know, it's $ 2000 split up $600 and $1400 but that money went for bills before we even got it. PELOSI'S PROMISE was retroactive payments . Call her out on it. Money for the arts ? Yeah right. No art museum's are open. They don't need the money. SLUSH FUNDS are what's being peddled.. AMERICAN FAMILIES FIRST..

  4. Tracey Masten

    I'm tired of watching all of you just repeat what they say that they hear from other people there's no stimulus check at least in the near if at all

  5. Cecilia Moreno

    If I get food stamps will I get the golden California stimulus


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  8. Hannah Stephnie

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  9. By the time we get the stimulus check, the economy will be Dead.

  10. johnnie brannen

    How come they think that social security people disability people don't need $200 just cuz we make a little bit every month everything's went up so when they leave us out what is $200 per month for us I get $7,000 a year and everything's done went up I just don't understand

  11. Scott Manley

    It will never happen it taken this long

  12. Justin Harris

    They are literally toying with the mines of American citizens watch us suffer and some families lose relatives to this damn virus watch families lose their everything they have housing, cars, and business tell us that 600 is enough to get our lives back on track then say it wasn't enough then propose a better package and say it has to be passed by the whole white house before it is sent out hell I think the janitor even has to vote on it there shouldn't be a debate about this package just send the money and raise the damn minimum wage the government is sitting there watching the American people suffer and lose their live all while their families get everything they need basically for free it's sad man this country is no better than North korea

  13. Ronald Johnson


  14. Thanks for the updates.
    You’re better than “the news”.👍👏🏼✊🏼

  15. Democrats have no interest in helping Americans in need. They are only concerned with social engineering and buying our vote.

  16. Thank you Josh

  17. Thomas Schierer


  18. Markus Rennelius

    that will help pay the taxes on last years unemployment bonuses!! wtf. there are a lot of bogus unemployment being paid to working people. no taxes taken out, non-taxed stimulus checks would help more. but let the commie govt decide who lives or dies.

  19. Kathleen Koval

    Thanks Josh, we appreciate your support to help keep us updated, especially when it's a constant back and forth

  20. Good afternoon

  21. Delored Tucker

    Upate on ssi ss

  22. Cheryl Merritt

    When will I get a check

  23. paula biscuit

    I'm selling my weed at 50% off to help out people.

  24. Farris Powell


  25. Bernard Craft

    The 15.00 minimum wadge will put you in a higher tax bracket witch will raise taxes witch joe said he is going to lower taxes.thats a lie. Think about it.

  26. Demetra Gipson

    When will my checks be issued out

  27. Dianna Cravener Cravener

    We need help Gov…

  28. Dianna Cravener Cravener

    Still nothing unreal….

  29. I see tom cruise from texas is vacationing in cancun mexico while people from texas are dying. There is the republican party for you.

  30. latroy brown

    why Georgia is t doing the same thing maryland and California is doing?

  31. Ashante Simpson

    Love the poster in back *good things come to those who work hard.

  32. Francia Backer

    Hi how’s are you doing you if you working for $53,000 do I qualify for Third similar check I am a single mother to daughters please let me know thank you.

  33. Debbie Barela

    Send out the checks I haven't gotten my 2nd check

  34. Yeah I never got the stimulus once this year

  35. Good afternoon Josh…

  36. Johnnie Looney

    Why is Joe manchin always fucking 🇺🇸???!!!

  37. Tricia Huffines

    Thanks 😊

  38. How is it that mitch is still running the senate, when he lost the controlling seat in the senate?

  39. It's always "good news" but nothing changes.

  40. Privatepilot

    The addition of the $15 minimum wage would be all the Democrats need to finish off the remaining small businesses that they weren’t able to destroy with their coronavirus plandemic.

  41. teresawade21

    I wish you would awnser my question

  42. When do you think that they will be sending out the $1400 dollar stimulus checkes

  43. teresawade21

    Please correct me if I am wrong ,but didn't the president sign a executive order for the 1400 hundred stimulus check,and if so will we get it prior to the bill passing??

  44. Patricia Provost

    I will believe it when I get it they are playing around to much we need it now

  45. Hey Josh are they going to put the $200 a month extra for Social Security disability and SSI in the next package boy we sure could use that.

  46. anna johnson

    Cold and cild

  47. Everyone needs the money to pay their rent,elec and water bills and buy food for their kids.kids can not go with out food nor can their parents people needs jobs.

  48. Good afternoon Josh how are you?

  49. Marilyn Woodson

    Okay I'm trying to figure out how they're going to think that 1,400 is going to be enough for 5 months for families they are kidding right they're not serious everything that Biden said is not happening we were supposed to be getting checks every month $200 had it on to the social security checks every month for one year only none of this is being done he's the same as every other crooked president they preach and preach and preach and when they get in office they do nothing I don't get this why do they have to lie I just don't understand we were supposed to be getting a check soon as he got in office I mean soon as he got in office we're still waiting I need some understanding it's not only me there's millions of us that need understanding why I don't understand I don't know I'm just sitting here scratching my head for the life of me I don't get it now is he not going to never do anything for the $200 added on to social security for one year retro back from January I don't know never in my life what I've ever thought that I seen our country this bad and people not really care every president is the same one's no better than the other from what I'm hearing I don't know how true it is from other people this is going to be a COMMUNIST COUNTRY all I have to say is wow never thought I'd love to see this and then I heard another thing I hope I can't get in trouble for speaking my mind that old faithful TRUMP SOLD US TO CHINA and how in the world he got off on there for now so I guess it's okay for him to let hundreds of people to go up into the capital and tear it up and it's okay this world is coming to an end boy I'm telling you GOD IS COMING YES HE IS BETTER BE READY YOU BETTER BE READY OH JESUS HALLELUJAH 🙏🙌✨🙏🙌✨

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