16 STATES PAYING NOW! Unemployment Extension NEW UPDATE $300 FPUC PUA Unemployment Benefits Stimulus

16 STATES PAYING NOW! Unemployment Extension NEW UPDATE $300 FPUC PUA Unemployment Benefits Stimulus

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Atlanta Federal Reserve president Raphael Bostic made some very bold statements recently regarding the US economy, and how we could be near full employment by next year.

He explained: “It is going to take some time for employment to get back, but we will be through much of that by the end of 2022 such that the conditions will have been met for us to advance the lift-off in our rates in 2023.”

He also stated that the US is: “growing pretty steadily and strongly through 2021. I think inflation will start to move. That is still nearly two years from now so there’s a lot that’s got to happen.”

This is great news for the economy, and for the millions of Americans seeking employment as we slowly climb our way out of the hole that was 2020.

Meanwhile, it seems like employees across America are still in support of the mobile office or WFH spaces once that thing out there has been eradicated.

According to a new Harvard Business School (HBS) survey, 61% of workers who have been at home since last March say they would like a hybrid work schedule with office work hours on two or three days a week.

Of the people polled, 27% want to work remotely full-time, and only 18% want to go back into the office full-time.

HBS Online Executive Director Patrick Mullane explained: “Now, as we’re preparing to get back to ‘business as usual,’ it seems professionals don’t want ‘business as usual.'”

He continued: “Instead, they want flexibility from their employers to allow them to maintain the new work/home balance and productivity they have come to enjoy.”

In this new normal society, I’m not surprised that people want to work from the comfort of their homes, especially if the same tasks can be accomplished while lounging on the couch in your PJs.

Finally, I have received confirmation that 16 states are currently paying the new $300 weekly FPUC extended enhanced unemployment benefits.

We told you that there would likely be delays in disbursing these vital disaster relief funds, but these 16 states stepped up to the plate and hit a home run for their state’s unemployment claimants.

The states that are currently paying out the new $300 weekly unemployment benefits are: Arkansas, California, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington.

Congrats to everyone living in these states, and to everyone else, please hang in there. If you don’t receive your benefits right now, keep filing, as they will likely be coming in a lump sum payment containing all the weeks it takes your state to implement these new unemployment changes.

If you still haven’t applied for unemployment assistance, get a headstart on the weekend and apply today.

Visit your state’s PUA or UI website, upload your employment history and ID, and let them know that you’ve been out of work due to that thing out there, if that’s the case.

For honestly and truthfully filling out the application, you could receive a backdated unemployment check for over $20,000.

To all of the gig-workers, self employed, independent contractors, 1099 workers, even side hustlers, volunteers and freelancers, don’t miss out on the PUA program that will provide you with these incredible government extended enhanced unemployment funds.

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Source: https://apple.news/A9IhFXuc9RNa635A3yJD3ew



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