+192pt Equifax Credit Score Increase in Just 45 Days! 490 – 682 | Credit Sweep Dispute Letter

This client gained 192-point Equifax credit score increase in just 45 days (TransUnion was 182 and Experian 174). I share with you the 2 credit reports showing original and current credit scores as well as the credit sweep dispute letter sent out to Equifax. I also explain why this works and where you can find more information. If you would like to see if I can help you increase your credit scores and decrease your negative acounts, head over to https://my740.com and I will see if I can help.

The dispute letters that were sent out for this client were:
– validation of debt to collection agencies
– 1 round of disputes to all 3 credit bureaus for all of the disputed accounts
– 1 round of disputes to some of the creditors reported 5 days AFTER the disputes to the credit bureaus were sent out
– factual disputes
– credit sweep method
– not credit repair templates or 609 dispute letters

Will this work for diy credit repair?
Yes! Absolutely. I provide over 500 free credit repair videos that break down and explain how to do credit sweeps, how to write dispute letters to the credit bureaus, how to remove collections from your credit report – both medical and debt buyer – and how to remove other verified accounts as well. Simply watch the tutorials and implement exactly as I teach and you WILL see results with virtually any negative account.

Can I get a credit score increase just by removing accounts from my credit report?
No, removing accounts from your credit report does not automatically mean that you will raise your credit score and sometimes, your scores can actually decrease. This happens for many reasons but if you are disputing and removing older negative accounts, your score can decrease if they were your OLDEST, because now your history will be made up of only the remaining accounts. Always analyze your credit history to determine the best course of action.


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