2021 Best Stocks To Buy Now 5 Different Sectors – TOP GROWTH STOCKS (January)

2021 Best Stocks To Buy Now 5 Different Sectors – TOP GROWTH STOCKS (January). Huge banking stocks opportunity for 2021 and the best stocks to buy now 2021. Join our private community over at Patreon https://www.patreon.com/stockmoe to talk stocks that could grow your portfolio to new levels. I will have exclusive materials as we move forward and my own stock purchases and a brand new high growth portfolio that I am sharing with everyone. If you want to have a one on one person to help you, then this is a must for any serious investor. We just got our private Discord up and running as well.

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This is all about the next 5 big plays for 2021 in my opinion. I wanted to bring the best growth stocks to buy now 2021 version to the channel with 5 different sectors covered. I like the stocks I have in the video and can see them doing very well over the next few months.

The first of the top growth stocks to buy now is the NIO stock price prediction with the 2021 in focus. I can see NIO stock price continuing to dominate the headlines as they continue to climb the chart to higher levels of success. I like to see more factories being built by NIO to capture the demand that I expect to see over the next few years. The NIO stock price should go nicely higher in the very near future.

The next of the best stocks to buy now or the top growth stocks is Draftkings stock price prediction that I have out there. With many areas around the country starting to legalize gambling online, you will see the Draftkings stock price roar higher as time marches forward. I like what I am seeing in terms of growth with Draftkings stock and should continue to see improvements through 2021.

The next top growth stock 2021 will be RKT stock price prediction. I can see the RKT stock price continuing higher at a much faster rate compared to 2020. I am surprised at how slow it is this year, but I will be taking advantage of that stock as time moves forward. I like the ability to make some big moves in the mortgage industry with this stock.

The next of the best growth stocks to buy now is the ALGT stock price prediction I have out there. I can see ALGT doing much better than its peers as it will be able to get back to a positive earnings for full year in 2021. The ALGT stock price should be rewarded with some good upward pressure to help the investors out there. I see ALGT stock doing well.

The last of the best stocks to buy now 2021 and growth stocks 2021 is the JPM stock price prediction for 2021 that should be set to do very well. With the Fed allowing share buybacks in the 1st quarter of 2021, you will see JPM stock price go higher from this additional pressure. I can see the JPM stock being bought up by the company very quickly.

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  1. Join our private community over at Patreon http://www.patreon.com/stockmoe to talk stocks that could grow your portfolio to new levels. I will have exclusive materials as we move forward and my own stock purchases and a brand new high growth portfolio that I am sharing with everyone. If you want to have a one on one person to help you, then this is a must for any serious investor. We just got our private Discord up and running as well.

  2. Khalid Tabassum

    I was scared at first dealing with COINEARNERS•FUND, but they kept to their words and got me 3.5btc after I deposited the little nedeed to generate more,

  3. what excites and retain my belief in NIO making a better green environment is the recent announce of resales market. Doubt Tesla doing this and others. It also shows how confident and committed NIO is about the company quality and services long term

  4. Joseph Davis

    I'm tempted to buy NIO but I just don't trust any Chinese stocks.

  5. Live DayTrading

    Check out the_wallstreet_family on Instagram they called BNGO before BNGO spiked for profits and ACY and NKLA options call with a $14.10 break even lots of verification it’s FREE

  6. What software are you using to analyse the stock? Awesome channel and insight.

  7. I bought dragtking 46,80 dollar each you guys think it Will go down more on monday or Will it get higher in price please someone answer

  8. Not investment advice, but: NIO, DKNG, ALGT, RKT, JPM.

  9. Indira Rodgers

    I sold rocket I’m sorry it’s sucked😖

  10. I'm ready to invest in NIO, however, I'm not sure if I should invest in the right now! Or I wait a while, could I please have an experienced individuals opinion?

  11. Can anyone advise why Dropbox is dropping?

  12. I bought JPM today

  13. DraftKings is getting stomped. I dumped mine and rebought at $46

  14. Jatinder Taneja

    Thankyou Stock Moe!

  15. vinny rotella

    Why doesn't anyone talk about UWM for mortgage firms? They're bigger than RKT and going public via GHIV this january

  16. Bobby Rebholz

    Moe, I just started investing in October with $55. With continuing to put money in and listening to your daily advice, it's now at $3,668 and I've had an 18.5% return on the whole portfolio. I pretty much only listen to you and maybe two others. I will be a lifelong subscriber.

  17. Free Fire Legend

    i like your hard wok im nine started at7 made 286 dolars from 32

  18. Thomas Haeberlin

    What is everyone’s Nio price predictions for Nio day? Thanks!

  19. Amanda Jeffrey

    The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

  20. Any thoughts on fsr, I know you have said you don't talk about stocks you don't buy, but I looks to have big potential for the future?

  21. James Farley

    Or go and buy (IDEX) Ideanomics stock. You are welcome.

  22. Jason LaComfora

    Personally I think UWM is going to be better than RKT in terms of growth and stock price.

    UWM is going public through the SPAC called GHIV. it also has a 40 cent dividend per share. (Annually not quarterly.)

  23. The Iced Coffee God

    entertainment purposes only? so you gonna pick stocks to tank my portfolio. next channel bro… (kidding)

  24. Hey Moe, Great videos! You should do a video where you look back on the stocks you made video's on.

  25. Chris Martines

    Moe do you think you could check out the US GlobalJETS etf? I think they will be a good etf to invest in for some broader market exposure; should airlines recover to their previous highs.

  26. Moe~ I've held on to Draftking for months ever since you brought them up couple month ago. it's been on hold without gains in value do you still see good things, can you give us some analysis on the volatility?

  27. Checkout SIRC, ALPP and GAXY too. Also very promising stocks

  28. Chris Ordway

    I sold Rocket after their most recent nothing burger quarterly earnings report. Something is up with that stock, nothing will make it budge.

  29. Romeo Sierra

    Hey Moe, check out Cleanspark… CLSK and get back to me.

  30. matthewmilad

    I think DKNG needs to drop some more before it's a buy

  31. Martin Paez Yañez

    Awesome! Already have JPM

  32. travis busgith

    What sport stock moe?

  33. What’s ur thoughts on RDGL

  34. How would you determine what's s a good price to get into JPM?

  35. Where would i start as a teen on Stocks? Im sure you get this question enough

  36. Chris Turner

    Can you help me go from 5,000 to 60,000 in 60 days

  37. How do you feel about XPEV??

  38. Hi Moe, you mentioned Rocket. Have you taken a look at ghiv? They’re merging with United wholesale mortgage. It’ll be the biggest Spac and uwm is swimming in cash. Just curious if you see this doing as well or if you feel it’ll be as good as rocket?

  39. Hey Stock Moe, what if you made a YouTube video about the top 5 stock market sectors in 2021?

  40. Nio Nio Nio

  41. Keem da Menace

    Should I buy the WHOLE STOCK or invest like $10 in different stocks

  42. CLA, WISH, GBTC, RMO Romeo battery 🤔

  43. CLA, WISH, GBTC, RMO Romeo battery

  44. Austin Littke

    Rocket is possibly the most manipulated stock in the market. When they want it to take off, its going to rocket like a bat out of hell

  45. William Rilling

    I’m too heavy on EV’s but trying to get more diversified but it’s difficult in some sectors so I just set ETF’s in a few!

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