🚀NEO Crypto Explained – Huge Potential & NEO Price Prediction 💯 #NEO #ALTCoin #Crypto


In today episode, I am covering NEO Crypto (NEO) in detail providing you potential reason behind NEO recent surge.

One of the unique selling points of the Neo blockchain concerns its continuous development, which helps ensure that it is futureproof and able to cope with sudden increases in demand. As mentioned earlier, the project has developed Neo 3.0 — enhancing network security and allowing a greater number of transactions per second to be processed.

Neo uses Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance, and it’s estimated that the blockchain is capable of processing thousands of transactions per second.

According to Neo, the dBFT mechanism has been inspired by the Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm.

There are a couple of similarities with delegated proof-of-stake, given how both consensus mechanisms allow token holders to vote for the delegates who will process transactions.

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  1. Hey bro! Do you think neo come back in this time :D?

  2. NEO is honestly far better than both bitcoin and Ethereum combined. It has 100 million coins total which is the same as bitcoin to give it upward pressure .. it has 10,000 tps speed which is better than Ethereum by a long shot. It has smart contract and defi , NFT capacity just like ethereum however is far better as can use the current language that any developer is currently using which is far better than. Ethereum has its own language as you only have 1 choice with Ethereum so a developer has to drop the code that they understand and learn a new code but you don’t have to do that with NEO as it is a developers dream and they can stick with the language that they already know such as Java etc. It’s market cap is under 4 billion and fees are far lower than Ethereum and you will also be paid in gas for free just by owning NEO which is free money for nothing 🙂

  3. Great content keep it up..I FOMO'ed into Neo when it was
    at $90 AUD and have been buying into every dip since lol..But I believe my perserverance is about to pay off now..Leessgooo!

  4. Ama a big fan of your videos, buddy! Can I ask for the Sinstake Finance review? The Staking Pool game will beginning on May 15. I know that SIN token has fully verified Developer on the BSC and liquidity are locked for >265 years. Thnx in advance!

  5. I feel neo is dying. From 2017 struggling to go high.. other coins going high.. don't know

  6. Trx, shibu & btt kindly let me know about these.. thank you. Your videos are really good 👍🏻 keep it up

  7. Very Well Explained Sir

  8. Sup man, I need your advice. I plan to buy some $sBEAR! when is the best time to purchase?

  9. The reason of why NEO is not talked about is because NEO sucks at marketing themselves. I srsly had to search three different ways to find a viceo talking about them. There are no news, almost no videos or anything. You wonder why everyone talks about doge and no1 is talking about NEO? NEO gains no exposure. BTW, im an invester so donnnt get me wrong

  10. Netmaskweb are really awesome  i just receive two btc again

  11. It amazes me how undervalued Neo is today. A market cap of 6 ~7 bil, great fundamentals, capped at 100 mil coins and a strong backed ecosystem. I believe the market will soon discover this untouched gem!

  12. NEO 10x from previous ATH = $2000, very possible target

  13. Well explained. I will buy somo neo. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  14. neo USD just went from $53 on April 1st to $123 on April 18th

  15. I bought some Neo when it was at 5$… When should I sell 🙄

  16. You have given more energy to NEO Holders, for long time Investments. Thank you

  17. Don´t you know, PUMP IT UP…. 🙂 NEO to da moon

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  19. NEO is massivley overvalued – as long as we dont understand whats happens within china (if there are plans, that chinese companies will use NEO), its only a speculative bubble – i hold 1 NEO, but see nearly no value at the moment compared to other competitors – even cardano has more development with all the upcoming projects…and cardano has a great marketing…cosmos is for example less worth than NEO at the moment, but has a real use case with a lot of projects ontop

  20. BCTR is ready to moon

  21. Neo is like bitcoin in the beginning, developers don't want crowd attention to their project until it completely done

  22. Neo will be the 3rd crypto in the wolrd very soon, screen it

  23. Neo is a dead project, no one uses it 🤷‍♀️

  24. all trade my doge coin for neo. 🇨🇦

  25. Great video by the way 🚀

  26. I'm really happy too across you sir your service is the best ever, thanks so much sir @cryptodanny22 on telegram.

  27. As quite a few of you requested me to cover NEO Coin, so here is my review! Hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to LIKE & Subscribe. Thanks 🙂

  28. Looking forward for this one 👍