10 Football Daily Predictions For 2022!


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Happy New Year! To kick off 2022, we’ve put together ten predictions for the coming twelve months! From Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe’s next destinations, to the winners of the Qatar World Cup and the race for Champions League qualification, we’re sticking our necks out here – let us know what you think of our predictions in the comments!






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Responses (44)

  1. Milan will win Serie A

  2. Haaland will going Manchester City 💙💙

  3. I cannot see any highly-rated younger manager risking their reputation with the Utd poison chalice – that job has already slain some seasoned greats.
    Utd will probably be better to seek a less high-profile manager with a clear philosophy and back him, but the Utd board know nothing about football so that won't happen.

  4. germany or england to win the world cup

  5. HaLaNd AnD MbApPe To ReAl MaDrId ScReEnShOt ThIs 💩💩💩

  6. Haland and mbappe to real Madrid screenshot this

  7. US will go the furthest theyve ever gotten in World Cup, my guess is either quarter or semi-finals

  8. As a Brazilian, have to say we are no where near favourites to win World Cup, manager is OK but not world class, missing the vital CMs as we only have good CDMs but not other midfield positions which are amazing, there was Arthur but he needs to pick up his form and be Good as he was 1st season at barça, and we have no Good Striker LB and RB, this is one of the worst Brasil teams I’ve seen and it truly saddens me to say that we aren’t favourites😢 still supporting and hoping we can perform a miracle and win though

  9. Sons form is key to Spurs season (as an FPL manager)

  10. who’s doing this voiceover i can’t work it out lol

  11. Spain and Germany can only dream about WC lol

  12. The Allegri prediction is on crack certified

  13. Poch isn’t a world class coach though 🤡

  14. Arsenal to be back In champions league

  15. I told my buddies a few days ago I can see germany winning and spain possibly too after their performances in the euros. Both have very good squad depth and have a nice blend of youth and experienced players. Plus both sides young players aren't completely inexperienced as it is in senior football either and when in form they both look like quality sides.
    Of course my friends laughed at me for the most part, especially when I brought up Spain, so we will see who is laughing in the next year or two.

  16. 10:31 Sorry, Pep what? 😂


  18. 1. Blackburn Rovers promoted to Premier League

    2. Huddersfield and Sheffield United will join Rovers in PL

    3. Chelsea retain UCL and also win the league

    despite the fact they’re 10 points adrift currently at the time of this comment I feel like they can do it as they were top for so long until around early December

    4. Arsenal will implode and throw away top 4

    5. Real Madrid to win LaLiga

    6. Sevilla will win Europa League

  19. I hope Spain don’t win the WC…lmao idk why 🤣

  20. Mbappe to real madrid 💯 confirmed

  21. Would have been interesting to see who you predict to the win the UCL this season. How was that not one of them. Some predictions I’l say are Haaland will join Real with Mbappe. Newcastle will get relegated. The UCL winners will be….. Bayern or Liverpool. Maybe a Bayern Liverpool final if they don’t draw each other before that.

  22. Haaland to real madrid, confirm..

  23. Talking World Cup 22 I do see England facing Spain or France that’s if Italy ain’t in the World Cup I think England have a good shot we made the semis last World Cup and the finals in the euros some questionable moves by Southgate some missed penalties was the difference so I think there be looking to win being so close in the euros England are at the strongest when it’s time to go and train at river park with no premier league games to focus on there be looking to win it but we have been put into a tough group so we see

  24. Poch is very good but not world class

  25. His father played for city.

  26. as a West ham fan thank you for putting us the conversation for top 4 because we are a real contender

  27. Argentina will win world cup

  28. Psg are definitely going to go all out to sign halland

  29. Tottenham will sign Vlahovic and will get champions league football back at the lane

  30. Tottenham win a trophy 😂😂😂

  31. Agnelli rather resigns as president than sack allegri and haland will not go to city and "honour his father legacy "his father known only because he got his leg broken😂

  32. Y'all heard it first.. France will win the World Cup 2022! 🇫🇷⚽️🏆🔥🔥

  33. Rather Brazil or France,

  34. Spain win WC 😏

  35. hi WNTT joe

  36. true, Haaland to CIty is most logical transfer plan on summer

    -City need striker
    -City have the money
    -His boyhood club is City
    -Manage by the best coach
    -Mbappe to Madrid, Barca have no money

  37. Diego Simeone “ exits “ Atletico Madrid

  38. Haaland to Barcelona

  39. Most of these are safe bets which is boring but looking forward at the end of the year to see Joe's reaction

  40. Can only dream that Haaland will join us at the Etihad. Love the idea of him and Foden making up a young core of offense for City.

  41. Mbappe AND Haaland to go to Madrid, City to win UCL and EPL, Benzema to move to PSG, Pogba to go to Juve on a free AGAIN! Ten Haag to join united, Rudiger and Christensen to leave Chelsea on a free Rudiger to join Madrid Christensen Spurs, Dortmund, Inter or Juve, Ivory Coast or Nigeria to win AFCON

  42. winners of WC will be Brazil or Argentina

  43. Oh I wonder how Rangnick can get United out of the “slump” they’re in, unbeaten in 8 games with 13 from the last 15 points in the league…

  44. Come Back In December
    Premier League Man City
    Fa Cup Man Utd
    Efl Cup Arsenal
    Ucl Bayern Munich
    Europa League Bvb
    World Cup England