10 Tips For Using TradingView


Hey everyone, we decided to make this video to show some unique tips and helpful ways you can use TradingView in your charting and research process. In the video we cover the following 10 tips:

1. Log scale charts
2. Candles based on previous close
3. Your Personal Trading Journal
4. Sections In Your Watchlist
5. Press / For Indicators
6. Share Your Live Charts With Friends
7. Fixed Range Volume Profile
8. Public Library Search
9. Multiple-Timeframe Analysis
10. Favorite Drawings Toolbar

We hope this helps you get started in markets or even better improves the way you study and follow markets. Please leave any questions or comments below.

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Responses (31)

  1. thank you i really enjoyed this video learned quite a bit i never knew about

  2. Public Library now seems to be in the Community Scripts section

  3. pretty neat and very well explained,thank you so much

  4. πŸ‘ Very informative, well forth the time…………. Doug

  5. Really very helpful! Now looking for more videos from you.

  6. Awesome walkthrough to some of the great tools in Trading View….. Thanks for your time and efforts.

  7. I have been looking at a higher timeframe about a year back. I marked important areas on my chart, but when I choose a lower time-frame it doesn't stay in the same place. This makes it very difficult to analyze the charts and discourages me from wahting to use Tradingview. Can you tell me why this is?

  8. Tradingview users, how do you fix frozen charts

  9. Consider creating a notes section or personal grading section etc. because it is probably impossible to remember the Indicators or strategies that I have considered within the library.

  10. Wow man, great video, 10/10

  11. If u want people to use u r tech indicator. Please make it free

  12. this would be great to have watched a year or two ago when i got intrested in stocks, better late the never?

  13. Thanks for your tips!!!
    -fixed range volume profile is work for live trading!!!

  14. Thanks for the great video and other content on your channel. The more I watch, the more amazed I am at how user-friendly the app is with all it's functionality, even for a newbie like me. Please keep up the great work!

  15. Useful Tips free version:
    Wanna use multiple indicator at the same time but u only got 3 max, just create your own scipt using pinescript function! (not every indicators tho)

  16. thank you very helpful

  17. I have been using Tradingview for over a year EVERYDAY. This video is a must see and taught me several tips I haven't picked up yet.

  18. Really helpful video. Thank you!

  19. The most important video I've seen

  20. Is there any way that when I want to look at a longer timeframe that timeframe pops up in front of me instead of having to scroll? For example, I click 3M time frame and it pops up Aug 2016-Now and I have to scroll and adjust the bottom of the chart to have only 3 months in front of me. Thank you.

  21. Thanks for the tips, they are pretty neat. As we all know that in the vertical price range region,it shows the time for the candle to close for that timeframe. I am giving an example below that u can do & can be really helpful for MTF analysis.
    EXAMPLE: Lets say we need to watch 5min timeframe all the time but we enter/exit our trade on 15min timeframe's Close. If we can have an option where we can watch on which candle of 5min will the 15min candle close, then it will be really great. As it will save time if we can watch on which 5min candle the 15min will close, it gets crappy to remeber it!

    Related to bar replay & backtesting!

    LIKE THIS GUYS, then maybe they will see it!

    WHY Trading view does not provide enough historical data for Trading on 15min & 5min (lower) timeframes even for premium account?

    We cannot backtest properly, We need more data. Please let us know what is restricting trading view to provide more YEARS of data for 5min/lower timeframe charts.

    Is it posssible for trading view to sync bar replay for multiple split Screens(multi screen layout)?

    Even after providing 20000 bars for premium account , we cannot use bar replay on 5min chart at the starting of 20000 bar of historical data. It says that it does not have data or something. Why this bug is there?

  23. Hi there, quick question. Are there any plans to implement synchronizing drawings to the ticker symbol rather than a chart layout. I know you can copy and paste drawings between layouts which works but its a bit of a time waster. Thank you in advance πŸ™‚

  24. πŸ‘πŸΌ

  25. just learned so much, thanks a lot!

  26. Very helpful video make more videos regarding trading view function…and how to use each function…
    How to avoid repaint indicator with alert..thank you