100X Crypto potential with HOGE Finance


Are you looking for the next moonshot coin to invest in? Take a look at HOGE! It has easy 100X potential with solid groundwork & excellent tokenomics! HOGE Finance is seeing an excellent month with tons more room to grow! Easy to buy for an altcoin makes this one my top pick for 100X growth. Are you holding bitcoin, ether, binance, cardano, polkadot, solana, xrp, luna, avax, chainlink, litecoin, uniswap, matic, algorand, cosmos, or stellar?

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Responses (27)

  1. Hoge is still a sleeping giant ! That's for sure

  2. I cashed out of all my holds but Hoge is one I have not cashed out yet I think this could moon cool fundamentals

  3. We’re about to be rich as fuck

  4. hoge hoge hoge hoge hoge

  5. HOG?!?butchered that one big time

  6. HOGE really is primed. A top 5 exchange listing then another 2 major exchanges.
    Not to mention the aerospace institute and their work with virtual pangea. Amazing stuff

  7. Will I get 1% back even if I use coinbase wallet?

  8. Huge, Hope its Hoge all the way to 1$

  9. It's pronounced like Doge with an H.

  10. Hoge Finance has just done 800% this month with a 10th of the holders shib has I can see it following shib now it’s getting listed on a top 5 exchange platform 🚀 definitely not one to sleep on if you missed the shib hype, dog meme coins just seem to blow uppp🔥

  11. All Roads Lead to HOGE.

  12. A wise person would have bought Hoge now

  13. Top 5 exchange coming. Most likely KuCoin but I've been getting a lot of Binance vibes lately. Either way its gonna be huge for hoge.

  14. My portfolio is 75% HOGE and 25% BANANO. Huge potential for both coins in my opinion. Hold the line!

  15. You Missed Bitcoin

    You Missed Doge

    Don't Miss HOGE !

  16. Hoge Finance is gonna surprise A lot of people. Been in since march

  17. Welcome fellow hogler!

  18. I’m all in on hoge

  19. Great pick…excited 🥂

  20. Hoge is about moon for sure. Excellent core team and community.

  21. It’s said like Doge but with an “H” sound lol. Hilarious. So I choose XRP for sure! HBAR, Yooshi for fun, possibly XLM and been holding Hoge since close to the beginning. Love this coin