15 CRYPTO AND STOCKS TO BUY NOW – Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Here are 15 Stocks and Crypto to buy now!

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Responses (36)

  1. Hope PLNHF bottoms soon

  2. Hi Stock Curry! What are your thoughts on CLF earnings? How will they do?

  3. I’m interested to know if NNOX is still one of your high conviction plays! If you can give us an update on this I would appreciate it. I’m having a hard time understanding this company !

  4. Thank you Scott for all the hard work.

  5. Prayers for a speedy recovery; God bless you, Scott!

  6. Hate that you have a headache, but love that you are being so blunt

  7. Hope your migraine gets better, sorry was in the hospital did your bundle of joy arrive?

  8. ChainLink‼️‼️

  9. damn Jeremy with Financial Education has bought every falling knife there is in the market this week. Moron.

  10. Thanks! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  11. Hope you feel better get some rest.

  12. hi Scott. You said sell crypto not buy them now because they are high, but isn't cardano at the sale price right now?

  13. Thanx for your hard work Curry!! Keep up the great work! You are number 1 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻Can you do some insight on great dividend stocks in the future! 👍🏻

  14. You seem to always be sick…. Maybe you need to switch your diet up

  15. Migraine headache relief Dr Berg . 5 minute video. He’s one of the best.! Please watch it. We gotta keep you feeling good!

  16. Thank you for all the work you doing for us

  17. Hi Stock! Thanks for taking the time to not only show, but to describe the different strategies with the call credit spread and how it specifically could be applied to TSLA in the short term and why!!! As usual, thanks for the the time and effort you put into technical analysis, breaking down stock positions and prices, comparisons and shout outs to other youtube buddies and creators, and making videos EVERY DAY!!!

  18. Love how you enunciate your T’s and I appreciate everything that you do for us. Your videos are very educational and I thank Uncle Larry for putting me onto you.

  19. Day traded prog yesterday made a nice profit thanks for the heads up yesterday curry.

  20. Every stock Jeremy bought is a falling knife sounds like

  21. Hello, should i buy etherium and doge coin tell me please, or no which crypto should i buy?

  22. Good Lord Mr Curry of the Stock – look after yourself sir, as a migraine sufferer myself, it's a clear message to have a rest – I'm sure everyone will be here again once you're well rested, ^oo^

  23. whats up with VLTA?

  24. Hey Scott – really bummer about your migraines. I used to have TERRIBLE migraines, but haven't in years. It seems the headaches were connected to chemicals in fragrances (dryer sheets, soaps, personal care products, air fresheners, etc). Under the label fragrance, companies can hide banned chemicals that are really harmful as proprietary formulas. Haven't had a migraine in years, but I'm also not a teacher and the only fragrances added in my life are essential oils. Multiple Chemical Sensitivities – grows on you.
    Just something to consider if you haven't already. Took a long time for me to figure out what was happening – especially since issues eventually went beyond migraines. Be well.

  25. Maybe it's time to drop Jeremy.

  26. Thanks for all you do for us 👍

  27. Thank you Curry!

  28. Hearing you well… with my morning tea. Bless you Stock curry from across the pond!

  29. Feel better Scott.

  30. What do you think about $cspr running up for Halloween?

  31. What kinda of an attorney

  32. Can u do a credit call spread on Robinhood or is it called something else?

  33. How you feel about pro progenity??

  34. Appreciate you!!

  35. loud and clear