150,000 COVID-19 related deaths recorded in the UK


The UK has recorded more than 150,000 COVID-related deaths since the start of the pandemic, after the latest daily figures showed 313 further fatalities.

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Responses (50)

  1. Piss in boots

    Should I get the jab lads

  2. Datesn Livingston

    My bestfriend uncle died from covid

  3. Sassykulture surridge

    My mum died from omicron!!!!

  4. crazy mtb rider

    Murders they mean numbers aren't believable since most other deaths were added to it just to keep the fear up

  5. Glyndwr Jones

    So let's do the maths then….. 150k 70 million people so that's 1% of the pop would be 700k so it's less than 0.3% deaths in the uk! When it's 10% I'll start to think about it and then I'll might give a rats arse!

  6. IbexDNB


    Meaning they died WITH covid. We have been played…

  7. GameStoriess

    90% killed By the NHS😉

  8. Curry and a Pint

    UK population nearly 70 million – so nearly 0.2% have died. Hmmmn – doesn't sound so bad :- /


    So how many in 2020, how many in 2021?

  10. John Minshell

    This should do the Trick to take minds off the Boris Party 🎈

  11. Mr whippy

    USA used vancomycin to treat covid patients this is a dangerous drug and basically drowned the patients it shouldn't have been used from what iv heard .

    UK used Midazolm in care homes and this shouldn't have been used this killed them off !

    Figures for covid deaths are inaccurate and over inflated and misleading !

  12. scoobywoo

    Thats is nothing, its literally a drop in the sea lol 😆

  13. celinajanina

    Covid related? What on Earth does that mean? Someone who was dying of a heart attack, was tested positive 25 days before by a faulty test?

  14. Look mam mes on Yaotoob

    Which is roughly 0.3% of our domestic population

  15. Patriotic Justice

    I call bs show us the proof

  16. peter johnson

    Good business for the pharmaceutical companies that exert a form of legalized corruption over the governments and mainstream media.

  17. Ronit Ganguly

    what a catchy heading

  18. Brian Damage

    My friend got swallowed up by a sinkhole, but it's COVID-19 they put on his death certificate.

  19. Keith Whitty

    Our politicians are puppets of the corporatocracy who are serial liars, cheats and corrupt. We need to UNITE in a common goal of change. NWO is upon us and this is not a drill. Don't be scared be brave people.

  20. some random guy

    Who were they then???? Give us names

  21. dinky doo

    Piffle !!!

  22. Goldie Locks

    Deaths in the UK 2018 – 540,000 – 2019 – 540,000 – 2020 360,000 almost one and a half million people have died from other causes and the GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA CONTINUE SCARE MONGERING THE NATION. I rounded the figures of they are available on the government freedom of information on deaths and a break down of causes of death web site.

  23. Aidan Meyers

    straight away a false statement

  24. The Man


  25. Lauren Taylor

    Matt Hancock worked for the Bank of England as an economist 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏦

    Our current health secretary Sajid javid was managing Director of a deutsch bank 🏦

  26. From/with?

    Compared to previous year when Flu existed???

    No? 🤣

  27. Adam Monk

    Imperial college of London Neil ferguson witty sage Hancock bojo all have UKS BLOOD ON THERE HANDS if they hadn't gone grovelling to pedophile elite three letter health organisations a good portion of the 150k deaths wouldn't have occurred…… Remember last winters midazolam and morphine shots given to elderly by luke and Hancock….. Murderers traitors to the country

  28. alex kelly

    BUT NO FLU DEATHS .hhmmmm

  29. Bob Davie

    The word Midazolam comes to mind🤔.

  30. A Bobble

    Well, I was taken in to hospital in November 2020 and it was agreed that I needed emergency surgery on my spine. Still waiting 18 months later despite being promised that I would be back in within 2 weeks. I am at the point of believing we need protecting from the NHS.

  31. leonard bullhock


  32. Martin Clydesdale

    only 150.000, well below target

  33. Chris UK2

    125000 with it, not from it, we are not falling for the numbers, no different than any year overall, Hit by bus with it is a covid death still.

  34. SpOoKy MuLdEr

    How many put down as 'Died with Covid'…

  35. 150,000 Covid-19 related deaths recorded in the UK. Only one person I can say I knew has died as a result of Covid-19 but he is not in the 150,000 figure. One person is not a meaningful sample but does anyone else hazard an intelligent guess that the real figure is nearer 200,000 than 150,000?

  36. robin hood

    Let's put this into perspective shall we?

    166,000 cancer deaths in the UK every year
    40,000 deaths in Britain each year are linked to air pollution
    78,000 people in the UK die from smoking
    38,000 deaths to stroke
    160,000 deaths each year to heart attack
    obesity 31,000 every year in the UK

    Now out of that 150,000 convid1984 deaths how many were already on death's door from old age, how many from pre existing illnesses and how many died from something other and then had convid1984 attributed to them after the fact? We KNOW the convid1984 figures have been skewed and falsified throughout this whole thing. The real number will be significantly less than reported.

  37. Unhinged Connoisseur

    this is awful to hear man, RIP to the people who needlessly lost their lives to this virus simply because of the incompetence of the people in charge

  38. MrJustmee123

    Within 28 days of a positive test ..that will bump the numbers up I wonder how many people have died of covid not with covid


    Does anyone even believe this? No vaccination. Contracted virus twice. Beat it in 4 days felt no more than a common cold. Partner who is of same age and previous health had the vaccination, contracted the virus twice and was very poorly both times. How can we have 'experts' on such a new subject. If they say 150k deaths. I say 15k tops

  40. Alex Davis

    The MSM and the government never stop looking for ways to beef up this figure. Always looking to apportion blame, while paying almost no attention to the cause, China.
    While at the same time they do everything they can to bury, and as quickly as possible, the death toll from street knife attacks and terrorism. They almost never attempt to investigate such matters in any depth. The wrong narrative would be revealed

  41. Squishs

    Japan has had 18,399 deaths in comparison and is a far more densely populated country. What an absolute shitshow, they'll be investigations and ceremonial apologies in about 20 years once no one cares anymore. The wishwashy lockdowns and ' balancing act ' has absolutely snookered us. Ready for another year of this.

  42. The Crypto Magpie.

    how anyone can trust the government etc moving forward is beyond me. not only did they lie & mislead using fear & panic, they have proved yet again they are incompetent at best..

  43. Bob Nicholson

    And the cdc in USA have stopped using per tests as they can't differentiate between sars cov2 and influenza virus….ever wondered why flu deaths have fallen off cliff?

  44. Mike Mike

    Every one a tragedy BUT this is WITH and not of covid AND the average age of covid deaths remains 83 years. With these FACTS in mind, the devastating effects of lockdowns, removal of health and social care, etc will be worse than those of the virus. NO MORE RESTRICTIONS but plenty of common sense is what we need.

  45. headhunterandy


  46. Last Days

    Obesity, alcohol, smoking lack of exercise and over realiance on prescription drugs is the real killer here. But the government and NHS won't tell us that because it all generates money via taxes.

  47. AngloFireBeardᛝ - ᚠᛁᚱᛖ ᛒᛠᚱᛞ 🔥

    Keep feeding the scare coal into the fear train, chooooo chooooooooo

  48. Margaret Corrigan

    How many flu deaths would there have been in 2 years?

  49. Vincent Galea

    What are we supposed to compare this number with?
    Are we going to keep adding up? Just give the number for each year that s it.