180-million-year-old giant "sea dragon" fossil discovered in UK


Paleontologists have made a massive discovery in the United Kingdom’s smallest county — the 180-million-year-old fossilized remains of a giant Jurassic “sea dragon.”

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Responses (22)

  1. More proof that the world is flat.

  2. Wow amazing!!!!!!!!

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  5. Maybe this is an old relation of Nessie in Loch Ness!!

  6. Now clone it and do a heart transplant on humans with it.

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  8. Puff the magic Dragon, lived by the sea.

  9. Lies…the earth is not older than 20,000 years.

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  11. The ignorance in this comment section is worrisome.

  12. Is this the one that tried to eat Chris Pratt!

  13. Any POS MAGA moron's comment.

  14. Why are people surprised? Have you seen adult Komodo dragons wrestling? They look like dragons without wings and it's horrifyingly cool.

  15. The fossil fuel industry won't get this big fellow Wow… 180 million years old

  16. Dragons are just lizards of old..glad we finally have some evidence that can prove Merlin existed 🤣

  17. That is only a few thousand years old according to other scientists.