1988 New York Daily News Golden Gloves – semi finals


1988. NewYork Daily News Golden Gloves – semi finals

(165 open) Keith Providence vs Rickey Goodwine
(165 open) Jade Scott vs Sal DiFiore
Howard Davis jr. Highlight
(178 novice) Scott Lopeck vs Ronald Eldard
(178 novice) Schlonzo Peterson vs Fred Harris
112 novice Quarterfinals
(112 novice) Robert Pena vs Johnny Vasquez
(112 novice) Carlos Torres vs Julio Atiles
(112 novice) Miguel Hernandez vs Gilbert Gallego
(112 novice) Luis Crespo vs Juan Rivera
(1987 hight light 147 open) William Wise vs Robert Camacho
(1987 highlight 156 open) Edward Martinez vs Ray Rivera
(1987 highlight 106 open) Dennis Coles vs David Villar
(1987 hightlight 178 novice) Greg Warner vs Roy Reid
(119 open) Anthony Perez vs Irving Pierre-Louis
(119 open) Joshua Lopez vs Raymond Castro
(132 Open) Sean Daughtry vs Vincent Furlani
(132 open) Robin David vs Robert Maldonado
(147 open) Larry Barnes vs Eddie Leon
(147 open) Joseph DeGuardia vs Marvin Roland 4:36
(Hvy open) Ike Padilla vs Matthew Grace
(Hvy open) Michael Bent vs Webster Vinson


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Responses (5)

  1. Where is Anthony morales ?!?!?!

  2. Do ur have the 1987 golden gloves

  3. Furlani won that fight

  4. Coach, love what you are doing here. I am in search of the 1987 heavyweight open. My friend lost that fight but he suffered brain damage several years ago in an accident and he constantly mentions wanting to see the fight once more.

  5. 18:17 (178 novice) Scott Lopeck vs Ronald Eldard