2021 Panini Night Moves NFT Pack Opening (x10). MAC JONES! How to Buy/Sell NFT Sports Cards.


Our first foray into the NFT Sports Card World. In this video we are walking through the Panini Website and discussing how to buy/sell NFT Sports Cards. We discuss how to buy NFT sports cards from Panini’s website as well as how to sell and auction NFT sports cards. We do open 10 packs of 2021 Panini NFT NFL Mosaic Night Moves Insert Packs in this video. We pulled Mac Jones as well as 10 other NFT Night moves cards. While many prefer to have actual cardboard football cards in their hand (we do as well), NFTs seem to be a new way for people to participate in the hobby with the latest technology. We also have some Downtown NFT cards in our collection that we show as well.

Check this video out to see 10 packs ripped of 2021 panini Mosaic Night Moves NFT insert Packs.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token

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We are having crazy fun opening these football hobby and retail boxes.

Good luck to all our fellow pack rippers / Sports card investors / hobbyists out there!!! Hopefully our spent $$$ can give you some insight on all the different products out there.

More videos already in the works and coming soon!

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Responses (21)

  1. SLVRsport

    Jump to 09:55 of you want to get right to the pack opening!

  2. Che Rio

    Tell that idiot to shut up talking about screenshot 🙄

  3. Bear Cards 34

    Gotta admit, I am not a fan of NFT's (to say the least). Losing the tangible nature of the item makes it just a picture online (to me). The NFT "autos" and mem cards are even worse LOL. That being said, in the digital age, and with a new generation of collectors, whatever floats your boat is good with me. Even though I think NFT's are a waste of money, I know lots of people who think sports cards in general are, so what do I know? 😊 With all that being said, I really appreciate the video, and seeing a bit more about what this stuff is all about. Thanks for sharing, and as always, great video guys!

  4. Arturo G.

    I like the idea of owning the actual card and the “NFT” trading card version as a ‘Set’.

  5. Robert Miles

    Guaranteed PSA 10! 😂🤣 love it! And all the damn Bama🐘 players!🤯 Congratulations! You won't regret your investment! Smart man! 😉

  6. Brady Leunis

    In 2 fantasy leagues looking to make my first championship run in both!

  7. Morley N

    This is interesting but I definitely like the real cards something about having it in your hands

  8. CASON2006

    Thanks for sharing the NFT sports card world! I absolutely prefer the cardboard in my hands! Have a great night!

  9. DaBlueprint80

    On this episode of Ed's hot girlfriend that lives far away so they only talk online but she's totally real! 😆 🤣
    We secretly find Ed with his NFT lotion about to put things in his digital 📦 box. NSFW

  10. vikesfan63

    So You never get the cards, what did Barnum say!.

  11. Jared Fader

    Thanks Ed for doing this. I had no idea how it worked. Much appreciate it!

  12. Anything digital eventually gets “turned off”

  13. Stephen Duell

    Not for me if I didn’t get into E-packs where you could get something physical I definitely wouldn’t pay for this garbage. I can go on eBay and have all the pictures of cards for free.

  14. Dwane Hurlburt

    100 % with Chuck…need my cards in my hands.

  15. The Card Dojo

    Interesting how panini did it. Like I said in your last video I did well with Topps Series one, in $50 for ten packs opened 4 of them. Sold a card for $250. It's crypto so I got x amount of Waxp. Now Waxp is up so I got $400 banked in Waxp. Is Panini not using crypto at all?

  16. Veteran Football Card Collector

    I just can't get down with spending money on imaginary cards. Just another cash grab from Pinini until they loose their license.

  17. Dmf0416

    Chuck with the 6 or 7 pictures Of downtowns lmao!!!

  18. Dmf0416

    I don’t like it

  19. Metal Molder

    In my opinion this whole crypto card shit, it's for the birds. Mainly because I don't understand it. But also I can't hold it. If I can't hold it it ain't real it is worthless.

  20. Ralph Lantz

    Sorry I just don't get it. Spend real money and get nothing but a figment of your imagination. And the fact that people will pay even more for cards to get higher non existence cards
    Next we'll have digital robbers stealing everyone's fake cards!
    Not for me, but Ed you do you, if your enjoying yourself and like it that's all that matters my friend.

  21. Peter Lowe

    Never thought I’d see the day where you two are all digitalised – what’s going on with the world?!?