2022 Predictions for Crypto, Stocks and the World. What you need to prepare for.


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00:00 Introduction
00:55 The 2022 Outlook – Ring the Bell!
01:40 I cannot Predict the Future
1:55 Cryptocurrency name change to Digital Assets
2:23 98k BTC by March to June 2022
3:30 Grayscale GBTC converts to Spot ETF in June 2022
4:20 More treasuries will hold BTC
5:13 Bitcoin Dominance
5:47 Crypto Bifurcation
06:50 Ethereum 2.0 Not Fully Upgraded till 2023
07:45 Layer 2s like MATIC will Process More Transactions than ETH
08:13 SOL increases TPS from 50k to 100k Maybe add their own L2 and SOL moves out of Beta
09:30 Parabolic Crypto Times Are Over
10:05 $hitCoin Casino Collapses
11:03 Inflation Will Continue
11:36 Turkey Will Implode – Others to Follow
12:20 Another El Salvador will land
12:50 Arms race is on to deploy CBDCs and that drives demand for BTC and other Crypto SOV
14:06 Digital Yuan is forced upon the populace
14:49 Crypto Users Grows will 3x and Hit 1 Billion People in 2022
15:40 Hunger for Crypto
16:39 Cynthia Lummis Bill castrates Gensler and Yellen thru proper Crypto Regulation
17:32 Stablecoins Get Regulated
18:19 Tether Timebomb
20:10 Stock Market Outlook – my 2022 S&P500 Prediction
21:04 Block $SQ TBDX
22:20 Traditional Financial Services Will Begin to Get Eaten by Defi
22:55 NFTs will no longer be as explosive (could fizzle out)
23:20 Facebook Metaverse Flops:
24:00 Inflation and Cathie and Disruption
25:23 TSLA FSD
26:31 Genomic revolution
27:12 Biotech Names Recover – Teledoc, Invitae, Crispr, Illumina
28:16 C19 categorized as a Cold
29:00 Real Impact of C19/Lockdowns is Calculated – alcoholism, depression, suicide, loss of IQ
30:20 Trust in Media Falls
31:00 Trust in Government Falls
31:35 China Taiwan / Russia Ukraine + Lithuania
33:00 Higher Education disrupted by Internet and Access. Universities will suffer.
34:00 Thank you for a great year – my first YouTube Year
34:30 US Debt to GDP – Potsdam Agmt – Germany had to make retributions
35:30 Never borrow to speculate
36:30 MSTR Arbitration Model and Bitcoin
38:00 Selling Crypto for an investment in a business
39:00 Big Boy Pants


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  1. Hattersman H

    You are the Best YTer 2021 James without a doubt.

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    Please eat some meat and protein we are made of protein we need protein vegan is a not agenda

  3. Bill Nolan

    I’m taking my time this year with investing. I threw in some money November last year into crypto and I’m yet to recover any tangible returns as Bitcoin trends are still affecting the altcoin I bought. Although My stocks are doing amazingly well.

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  5. David Khugatti



    Cyber Truck is on the shelf.

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    Love your channel. I’m glad I found it.

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    Best content as always, Thanks James for Changing lives.

  12. Didn't Vitalik say they were only 50% done with Eth 2.0? That adds years to dev time, no?

  13. Crypto Bellwether

    I have a prediction, when we hit 3 Billion people in Crypto, you will be one of the biggest channels with way over 1 million subscribers

  14. Ikolaba Mustapha

    Metasaviors rock, nothing comes near

  15. Potsdam was where restitutions were agreed, not retribution…..that aside, excellent work James!

  16. Morning Coffee Pottery

    Thank you for this Great content!!

  17. ThatBlackDude

    If you had an investing masterclass course, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

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    Great content thank you

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    Thank you for the content

  20. Al cryptol youtubers are sounding the same and are copycats.

  21. Carlos S

    Saylor did not buy at bottom. It is $43500 right now. I dont even want to buy it at that price

  22. Carlos S

    $98K btc by June? What kind of drugs are you smoking?

  23. Marina Volosov

    I like your predictions, James! Happy 2022 to you!

  24. FLD NGA

    James says a cuss word at 2:48…. thank me later.

  25. Joao Luis

    What you think about rebase dao projects Omega Wonderland ?

  26. Joao Luis

    Great contend thanks for sharing your hard studies Best for the chanel

  27. MyPoint ofView

    How did your 2021 predictions work out? Are you a millionaire yet?

  28. Justincase008

    Many courses are irrelevant and redundant in college. STEM and robotics/mechatronics are the major ones you should pursue. The tuition prices should be adjusted and based on job market/field and emoyability. Big changes needed.

  29. Justincase008

    The whole student loan system needs to be completely reformed. Govt needs to get out of the student loan business or change the way they are involved. The loans need to be non-interest and flat cost of borrowing. Etc.

  30. Justincase008

    Is it not possible for other countries to manufacture semi-conductors? So the reliance on Taiwan is not so great?

  31. Anonymous

    Very informative! Much appreciated!

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    Always impressed!! Thanks. I just had Alex Becker trying to persuade me to invest $5000 and earn 35% p.d in income …scammer

  33. Matt Carpenter

    What's the safest/best platform to use to invest in bitcoin? I'm new to bitcoin.

  34. remi187

    why do you never talk about busd and pax ? they are apparently more backed by dollars than usdc…

  35. ashish ranwan

    What is the title ..productions where is predictions?? Only btc prediction is there…wasted 40 min

  36. Lori Sykes

    C-19 won’t be classified as a cold. It is already classified as a respiratory syndrome. C-19 is actually known as SARS-Cov 2 which stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

  37. Good to hear the perspective on C19 and effects of lockdowns.
    The stat I saw was something similar. 2 in a million chance of a kid dying of C19.
    That is the same odds of being struck by lighting. That’s how over the top is disproportionate things have become.

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    Amazing content as always. Thank you.

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    Hi there
    New subscriber here ! already a big fan 🙂 thanks for the awesome content.
    Do you see any potential in CRO token ?

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    This video felt like me going to a popular restaurant and when I arrive the sign on the door saids permanently closed. 😑

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    StrikeX it’s going to explode get in while it’s early

  42. Can we let the big funds play with BITCOIN because they use algorithms and keeping price suppressed by buying gradually (so there will be no pumps)
    They playing with retail investors like us.
    Taking profits in the future and retailers are always to late to cash.

    Let retailers like us move to ETH, Solano, Polygon and others top 10 tokens/ assets/ coins.

  43. Vores Butik

    Hey! I am from Denmark and i am your big fan. what do think about Meme coin? can you please make one video about meme coin?

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    James … Your Channel is the Bitcoin of all crypto channels .. You are the MAN !

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    James. You’re an actual genius.

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