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I crack open 10 “RARE” NBA TopShot packs and find some gems valued over 20K!!!



#nba #nft #nbatopshot


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Responses (25)

  1. The world is going crazy…

  2. The fact that people paid for a publicly available 5-second video clip makes me question the human brain

  3. Those Lebrons are going for 39k each right now!

  4. how did you get so much packs?

  5. How did you get your hands on this many packs?

  6. 20k crypto money?….. lmaoooo

  7. HOW do you get so many packs when you can only purchase one and cant sell them to other users? Do you just get them as a gift for creating content ?

  8. Rudy Gobert – Jazz are in first place now

  9. All 600’s serials?? Bot user???

  10. This guy keeps thinking his bad packs are bad lol

  11. This is the dumbest thing in the world right now, congrats.

  12. How do you buy more then one at a time?

  13. Dead set the developers and tech behind this site need a lesson. Look at the tech, these serial numbers. Just goes to show, I bet they are giving all the celebs low serial numbers

  14. Sabonis is good dude. You might remember his dad played for portland in the 90s

  15. yo this is dope!

  16. 10:19 no reaction for a Ja Morant worth over 2K bruh…lol

  17. You got some good pulls you didn’t know about lol, Rui is a rookie, Sabonis all star, etc

  18. Wow man, two LeBrons, a Steph along with a Zion and Ja

  19. Early packs have sequential serial numbers. Top Shot has since randomized the numbers. That drop was within the 600 serials. Example Drop 1 wave 1 would have been between 1-100, this is just and example. Good packs though!!! 2 LEBRON!!!

  20. Question; do these packs show up on your ETH wallet or do they stay in your Top Shot account?

  21. Love to connect, I work for Black Artists Union, love what you're doing!

  22. Glad to see you getting ahead, my bro. Peace.