3 Steps To Find Blue Chip NFTs (No BS Guide!!)


This is the no BS 3 Steps To Find Blue Chip NFT Guide!! Pay close attention, and you may just end up with a blue chip NFT in your portfolio by the end of the year. We will cover blue chip projects such as Doodles, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, CryptoPunks, World of Women and others in order to get a deep understanding of what makes NFTs valuable. This video will go in depth on the importance of Art, Team, and Utility.

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Time Stamps:
Intro – 0:00
Blue Chip NFT Giveaway (FTX) – 0:56
Art – 2:28
Team – 6:00
Utility – 8:58

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial or legal advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment or legal decisions that you choose to make. This description may contain affiliate links for products that I believe in and use personally. If you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). Thank you for your support.



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  1. Thank u so much for this video! Great content as usual 👏

  2. “Give a man a fish, and he will be hungry again tomorrow; teach him to catch a fish, and he will be richer all his life.” Thank you Chase! You are the best.

  3. This video must be important – it went over 10 minutes! 🙂 As usual, very helpful and informative. I'll likely watch it again.

  4. Well as european guy you are screwed on this giveaway..

  5. thanks a lot man this is the most valuable video that i watched ever about NFTs. You are doing great.

  6. Heard some of these in the Doodles video a while back and I can confirm they're great tips that convinced me Doodles were up next. I missed my chance to buy but got in on Clone X and I'm extremely bullish on Peaceful Groupies. Hopefully I can revisit this post a while from now and say I was right on both. 🤞🏾

  7. You’re so informative and help us that are just beginning in this space…so grateful for what you do for us…keep up the great work, skies the limit for you. God bless🤙

  8. Is this available to UK ftx users? Thanks

  9. thoughts on swampverse?

  10. Jungle freaks going crazy again!

  11. If your talking about great art when will you review Galaxy eggs or my pet hooligan or Galaxy warriors. Both projects have verified artist who are known

  12. Thank u for this content

  13. I’ve been watching you for so long I feel like I’m already able to pick out successful projects, even when they’re new. I just have no conviction and end up telling myself not to buy into a project and then it moons 😂 pain

  14. Thanks Chase ,great content as usual and very valuable too.You are the man.

  15. Awesome video man 👌

  16. Awesome video man 👌

  17. Surreal society is going to be a blue chip nft