5 Rare UFC NFT Cards (That Might be Worth More $$$ Than You Think)


In this video, I let you know about 5 unique UFC cards that are part of the Panini Select NFT release. These cards I highlight might have additional value because of a rare factor that sets these cards apart from the rest. You might just want to buy an extra one or two to invest in.

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Responses (6)

  1. Hey, I’m kinda new to this UFC, NFT world. Do you know when in Next drop will be?

  2. are the ufc flow moments out yet??

  3. Awesome stuff as always.

    And damn, if I wasn't already hyped for the UFC colour blast release then I would be now 😅

  4. Your doing a very good job with putting out consistent quality content on Panini NFT's. I watched all your videos on Panini and have a gained a lot of value and insight from doing so. I believe Panini has a quality NFT with their IP and brand and there is a lot of potential for growth and value. Glad to hear the announcement Panini released yesterday regarding updates. Seems like they are listening to community concerns and are implementing improvements. Do yo know if they have any plans of building a bridge to open Sea in the future???

  5. Great work ! Thank you