6 BIG Problems for Artists Selling NFT Crypto Art in 2021 (Watch Before Minting!)


Everyone is excited about minting and selling NFT crypto art on platforms like Rarible, OpenSea and Mintable. But there are big concerns including the impact on the environment, ethereum gas fees and copyright theft. I’ll cover six (maybe seven) problems I see right now for artists tempted to create, list and sell their own non-fungible tokens. ARTISTS SHOULD NOT TOUCH NFT’S UNTIL THEY WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!

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0:00 Introduction
0:35 Environmental Concerns
3:17 Unrealistic Expectations
5:13 Gas Fees
5:52 Little Support on Platforms
6:42 Copyright Theft
8:13 Crowded and Unorganized Platforms
8:38 Bonus Problem

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Responses (50)

  1. I've been putting my artworks in opensea, but do I need to promote my artworks?

  2. As I understnd, gas fees are one of the most important issues. But what about Polygon Network that is gas free?

  3. !. Well Stock exchanges uses a lot of electricity. Six billion people are using electricity. So what?

  4. I feel much more educated on the whole thing now.. great work!

  5. Thank you very much for this video! This is not for me!

  6. The thing is that miner are located at places that enegy is going to waist if no one use it ? So the waisted energy whas going to be waisted anyway , and waist is not good right?

  7. Very sensible and honest. Thank you!

  8. Deepest appreciation for things never thought of . With love & gratitude -Ty …xox

  9. STOP considering if someone will EVER buy you NFT!!! Just create one, have fun doing it, maybe filming it with OBS and doing a timelapse later and mint it.
    Dont someone stop you from believing on you dreams, just because he says they will never ever be sold because no one knows you!!! JUST DO IT!!!

  10. Well done Bro! Thanks a lot for the explanation, clear and direct to the point.🙏🏽🤙🏽😎

  11. If someone paying millions for a shit then definetly he is not paying for a shit but for something else .

  12. Just sold my dick pic for 1.5 ETH Best day of my life 🙏

  13. This is the beginning of a major permanent change in the art world. It’s going to coincide with other tech advancements like holograms and streaming on smart walls. All tangibles are going away, which I don’t personally like, but that’s the way it’s going. It’s already happened with music except for the brief return of vinyl.

  14. I believe plastic, pesticides, and mass formation psychosis are a greater threat to the planet than a lot of people running their computers. There are many things in the average home that consume more watts than a computer. NFTs are a technical novelty. I have been using PhotoShop since 1997. I could try to sell my artwork on flash drives along with certificates of authenticity, and good luck to me with that one. A good friend of mine owned a couple of art galleries and did well, selling art in the early 2000s. Art interest tanked and she transitioned to live music events.

  15. Interesting video. However, what if as a video creator wants to sell the rights to of his videos stating that the buyer of this NFT is allowed to broadcast download and reaupload his/hers work to his channel or broadcast publicly. NFT could be used to proof that the specific organization or person has that NFT to use it.

  16. ‘Ridiculously wasteful system’ 😅

  17. And now we are talking about gas fees. Again only a issue ethereum has. THERE ARE OTHER NETWORKS lmao

  18. 3 minutes in this guys still talking about energy consumption etc there are other networks that do not use as much energy. Stopped watching

  19. Copyright theft is a huge problem for photographers especially on social media. Any idiot can right click + save on any picture and share or sell it as their own. Why? Because the social media doesn't keep all the "burnt into the file" metadata including the copyright information. Hopefully NFT / blockchain or something will one day fix this problem, because it's HUGE.

  20. What is the name of the platform artist will sell their artwork

  21. I really appreciate the above name who help me recovered all my nft you need to be recommended for your good job.

  22. I really appreciate the above name who help me recovered all my nft you need to be recommended for your good job.

  23. The waste is technically where the value comes form. It’s bizarre

  24. Thanks for this! I learned a lot more about the etherium blockchain from watching this and it’s association with deregulated mining fees. What a trip!! Beyond all that, I still love the smell of paint, and get a kick out of street art and galleries. I mean we are already swarmed with smart phones and computers and see thousands upon thousands of images in a day on a screen. It’s nice to have something tangible from an actual artist. That being said, NFTs are a brave new way of buying, selling, and perusing art. If anything an NFT or two could open the window to your social platform where you have your art. Thanks for the informative video!

  25. I always said that CRYPTO being the main way to do money in the METAverse is a big problem. And i see it being among the first thing to change and open more traditional ways to do transaction through banks and countries Forex

  26. So if there were a way to make NFT's "GREEN" we might be one step in the right direction…

  27. I love bonus problems

  28. too many "digital artists" out there "selling" their 32bit trash "art" Fucking bozos, if they were any good at digital art they'd have a 6 figure income working for a legit company…

  29. lmao coming from cardano i can gurantee you alot of the projects selling out the team is not even dox so they dont know who is creating them people are throwing their money at anything rn and you nft colection could be the next its all about supply and demand

  30. i am a graphic artist and musician that is doing a NFT collection i have a websie and accept crypto of many forms through now payments.. but its a work in progress.. i just made my first 101. out of over 2100 images ready ti mint in to things . i also do 3d modeling.
    and being a musician plan to hold crypto concerts?

    to watch a stock and do drops, as i play guitar and entertain while we see what is doing on a particular one..
    Being i would be hosting all through my website and attached to the blockchain.. i also have a image of auth that can not be duplicated for each item..

    i need advice — can you help me?

  31. Time to move to the cardano boockchain

  32. I'd like to add that this NFT stuff is basically over amplified digital collectors stuff that lets say real tangible items would still have high value depending on what item it is. Lets say NFTs didn't exist and lets say Gucci Maine makes limited amounts of custom portable wireless speakers with JBL. They will sell and they will have even higher value afterwards. Look at Supreme and their merchandise. They sell when they get released, they sell out like hot cakes.
    So yeah, the digital assets are more amplified and easier for people to be aware of. If you want your digital artwork to be all "hyped" up, then you will have to follow what the majority is doing. What is the Majority doing? Going on forums and other forms of media communication.
    I don't really see anything wrong with uploading assets to the blockchain. Even if it doesn't sell, so what? At least your art is solidified to you.
    Theirs a lot of assets / entities out there that has little value. Don't be discouraged because 70% of the assets are just sitting.
    Remember this: We are still in the young phase of blockchain things. More websites and things will come about and make things easier for us.

  33. love this video! thx

  34. Yeah….. I'm not buying it, the government and the banks are way more horrible to the environment!

  35. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Great information, but now I am thoroughly depressed. *Walks off into sunset, head down, …*tear. 🙁

  37. Thank you for giving us the downside. Good to know.

  38. How remove sale i cant afford 😭 gas fee remove and please explain if my nft not sale than what will be future for me??

  39. Its basically the same grind as b4 if ur an artist. Gotta build your community up and the demand for your work. Be patient. You got this!

  40. about the last problem good thing I'm an unknown artist lmao…. looking into these because I've meticulously saved all my art I've made since highschool and want to digitize the good stuff and make them into nft's but this video has me questioning it, the main thing holding me back is gas fees…

  41. Hey,,
    I want more information about super rare
    For ragistration.

  42. I'm 15 years old Im doing NFT videos now check me out!! And I'm starting my own nft collection!!

  43. NFTs are not decentralized

  44. gets through 1 aaaaand… I'm officially on liberaltubes. The very concept of "wasting" electricity is one of manipulation. Kind of like "destroying the planet". Give me a break, it'll be here long after you're gone, along with that same harnessed energy. Pay some taxes, it'll probably make you feel better.

  45. Thank you. It really helped

  46. I just uploaded an art piece just to do it haha. It says that someone minted what I created and Idk what that fully means, do you care to explain? but I don't think I'll be down to pay 150 to put it up for sale so that I can see if it sells.

  47. The environmental impact is what concerns me. I wanna use my programming experience but it seems like this is a risk to invest in