60th New York Daily News Golden Gloves, March 14 1986

60th New York Daily News Golden Gloves
March 14th 1986
106 Peter Nieves vs Raul Malave (novice)
106 David Villar vs Christopher Merkel
112 Anthony Perez vs Leo Vargas (novice)
112 Isreal Rodriguez vs Juan Acevedo
139 Aureliano Sosa vs John Cozzolino (novice)
139 Glenwood Brown vs Raul Rivera
165 Angel Valentin vs Sean Hampton (novice)
165 Darrin Oliver vs Thomas Patti
178 Clinton Mitchell vs Kevin Daly (novice)
178 Riddick Bowe vs Paul Brennin
Hvy Ike Padilla vs Mark Wizbicki (novice)
Hvy Michael Bent vs Webster Vinson
132 Ricardo garcia vs Cristobal Ramos (novice)
132 Davey Franco vs Owen McGeachy
156 Michael King vs John McCann (novice)
156 ray Rivera vs Terminator Coles
201+ Anthony Green vs Martin Snow (novice)
201+ Louis Savarese vs Alex Stewart
119 Robert Scott vs Alfredo Melendez (novice)


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Responses (10)

  1. Peter Nieves

    Do you have the 1987 Championships?

  2. Babatumder Doctor

    Would like to see tunde foster vs owen mcgeachy. Only thing is forget what year

  3. DaTRUTH

    Wow, I remember David from the 1985-1986. He was like a non-stop fighting machine.

  4. Ernie Marcial

    Angel Valentin my cousin!!
    Still has the Body and the punch just a lot of grey hair! Hahaha
    Love you cuz!

  5. Gramercy Wine Cellars

    I am also looking for the 61st gloves – I would pay

  6. Peter Nieves

    Thanks for sharing! This was one of my greatest moments!!!!

  7. roland Carrington

    can anyone get the 61ft New York Golden Gloves championship i would love to see those fights my dad is in there and he never fight again i would like to see how he was in that time kelvin daly

  8. 2:43:15 that shuffle from the ref tho

  9. Pedre Cotto

    I would like to see the semifinals of 1989

  10. Paul Brennin

    wheres the classic of paul brennin vs riddick bowe 1986