A2Z of Systematic Trading & How to code in TradingView?


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In this video, we have with us our rocking host Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge and Elearnmarkets, in conversation with Mr. Rajandran R.

He is the founder of Marketcalls and Co-founder of Algomojo. Also, a Full-Time Derivative Trader with expertise in Designing Trading Systems (Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Metatrader, Python, Pinescript). Trading the markets since 2006 and mentoring traders on Trading System Designing, Market Profile, Orderflow, and Trade Automation.

In this video, our guest speaker will be talking about the in and out of systematic trading, which is extremely important for traders. Also, he will be talking about how to code in the trading view.

It will begin with the basics of systematic trading and the types of trading view, which will be the core of this video. Further, the important aspects of systematic trading will be explained.

After the theoretical discussion, the video will have demonstrations on coding, which will be done in the trading view. Coding techniques and technological aspects of trading will be discussed for our learners by our experts.

Rule-based trading is a factor in systematic trading and that is also taught in this video for more clarity and quality content.

It is really important for you to watch this till the end because that will help you to understand coding and systematic trading.

So watch this video now to learn the A2Z of systematic trading and how to code in the trading view.

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  1. Elearnmarkets by StockEdge

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  2. CreatingAssets

    thankyou sir for this effort

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    Thank you Vivek ji & Rajendran .Really given me true perception about strategy & Results.For me climax strategy tester given me like best cinema ending.

  4. Nikhil Bagalkotkar

    Sir bring him back….

  5. Vipul Pandey # My friend, World is yours

    This is not for everyone but only those who have some knowledge about coding

  6. jignesh savaliya

    mindblowing strategy and could deploy for long-term holding to make a profit.

  7. T S Niranjan

    Very nice and helpful video. I was able to get started coding in tradingview thanks to this video.

  8. prashant ahuja

    liked it 👍. my kinda video

  9. Amit Pandey

    Awesome video. Eagerly waiting for the 2nd part . Thanks vivek for providing us such a valuable interaction/ knowledge . I think u would be eager like us for the 2nd interaction with Mr Rajandran.

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  11. Krupa Murthy

    Superb video from Mr.Rajendran.. thank you very much.

  12. Tusar Rout

    Amibroker AFL vs Trading View Pine Script: Which one you do suggest for beginning a Rule Based Systematic Swing Trading (spreading being followed manually) ? To reduce the screen time (screeners, identifying stocks/Indexes, decision making, execution) Which one do you suggest please.

  13. Choudhary speaking

    You people really empowering the Indian retail participant . thank you

  14. Sanjay Ahuja

    woooow… engrossed every single second of this video… bless you guys… for enlightening

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    Awsome , too much love for both of you to make such a fantastic learning vedio. thanks a lot


    please tell if possible how to merge two indicators example ema crossover and macd crossover to form a strategy in trading view…to generate buy and sell signals..

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    Rajendran ji , happy to see u …expecting a lot videos from you sir 👍 I am worked with you in Nokia siemens Networks 👍👍..happy to see u thalaa…

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    Simply superb.
    Subscribed the Market calls.

  19. Ankit Gor

    this is really superb , we want more sort of videos to learn the future trading also request to throw some light on api bridge and automation web based specially, also bring information to how to learn pine script thanks a Ton !!!

  20. Life and adventures🎊

    This channel is turning out like a handbook of trading chapters to new learners like me…
    Thanks a lot for this channel and initiative..!!!

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    ELM IS Simply an UNIVERSITY to who comes to market or in the market

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    Superb explained about pine script in simple words. Thank you very much.

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    A very useful one. After watching this video I am now able to write my own scripts easily. Mr Rajendran explains in a very simple manner with a nice flow. That is what makes the difference. A special thanks to Vivek ji for bringing up this video to all of us.

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    Great session. Waiting since long to go to next level. Hope this is first step

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    Salute Your Work Sir
    God bless you
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    Thanks a lot Rajandran ji and Vivek ji. Fantastic session.

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    Lucky to see this full of knowledgeable video for free. Thank you Rajendran sir for explaining it with small details & thank you Vivek sir for bringing him to us.

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    Great session definitely it will help us in our trading. thanks to both of you for sharing with us. "Rajendran sir plz avoid using any camera against light."

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    Sir I like your videos you are doing great
    I have an question sir,
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