An emotional Bryce Young after loss to Georgia, "It's on me to perform better." | CFB News


An emotional Bryce Young after loss to Georgia, “It’s on me to perform better.” | CFB News

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  1. One other thing, judging by his poise, class, accountability and maturity, Bryce could very well wind up as a 2-time Heisman Trophy Winner. This young man is "the truth". big10 fans, and everybody else, Bama and Georgia will face each other for a Natty again. Sorry (no, I'm not).

  2. I would NOT want to be ANY team in Bama's path to a Natty next year. You can tell right now that these guys will be out for blood. Everybody in CFB will see what an angry elephant really looks like. I really hope the media and all teams spread yummy rat poison early…to REALLY piss Bama off. Don't believe me…ask Kirby who he thinks you ultimately gotta be ready for. He's honest and he knows he has to choose his words carefully.

  3. Our QB is the best. Most passionate qb! Winning doesn’t matter over the love of your team and worrying about their unhealthy players vs winning.

  4. As a GA fan Bryce Young is a mature young man with an extremely bright future! Please hold your head up, you and Bama played a hell of a game

  5. It was not all his fault. The loss of both of BAMA'S best receivers and the fact that Georgia was the better team that day like Bama was in the SEC Championship.

  6. I've been saying it all year, Young isn't that good. Give a QB great receivers and the QB will look good. A great QB makes plays happen. Young couldn't make it happen. He got dominated by the Dawg elite defence.

  7. So glad Bama lost…this the beginning of the end

  8. LoooossseeerrrS!!! The F outta here!! The Big Payback!!!

  9. This is what a real Champion looks and sounds like. This young man is being forged in The crucible of defeat. And when he comes through it and wins the National Championship. It will be all the sweeter for him. Keep your head up Bryce focus on next year.

  10. Bryce ie the time QB many coaches wish they had. Kudos to his parents for being their to mentor and guide him through this process. We all have seen the kids with the same talent as Bryce faulter to the wayside because of the supporting cast around them as well as the individual not being able to live up to his or her expectations

  11. Bryce, you took the blame to save your squad, but you balled out. Spoken like a true leader. This wasn't all on his shoulders but I can't wait to see him back and killing it next season. Roll Tide

  12. He has soft tendencies! Baby boy syndrome! Go Dawgs!

  13. You had a great season, so hold your head and be proud

  14. Thank you Bryce as GA fan. We all know you will win the next 2 championships

  15. Change your number from 9 to 12 and you will win a national championship ? No Alabama QB ever won one with a single number. True

  16. He made many perfect throws that were just plain dropped…

  17. Hey Bryce Young You did throw a beautiful TD Pass to Kaylee Ringo!!

  18. Bryce, slap it off and get ready for next year! Even Champions lose sometimes!

  19. Georgia fan here and obviously happy we won. But can’t help but feel bad for Bryce here, that’s a miserable feeling he’s having to sit with.

  20. Bryce i'm a Ga fan but you guys will be back, your a great player don't blame your self or come down to hard on yourself, learn from this and come back firing next year we may meet again in a year Bama fans as for me if any other team other than Georgia had been in that game I would have been pulling for the Tide that is for sure.

  21. It was A Lesson!! It is Not in vain if They learned. Their Greater days are Ahead of Them.

  22. you lost, get over it! You cannot win every year!

  23. Congratulations Georgia… That's how it's done🏆

  24. How 'bout them Dawgs…..

  25. Prob win will next year, humble pie 🥧 served up nice and hot

  26. I am Dawg fan..but you didnt let anyone down…one of the best games I watched in long tine..2 great teams…

  27. Bryce YOU LET NOBODY DOWN! You are an awesome guy. You carried Alabama to the nationals.ROLL TIDE! GO GET EM NEXT YEAR

  28. Bryce is under a lot of pressure. He is here for just 2 seasons as a starter and he is expected to win a natty.
    Tua did not win a natty as starter and Hurts had to be bailed out by Tua in 2017 to win that year.

  29. Yeah yeah yeah!!! 🐶❤️🖤💪🏽

  30. Bryce didn't let anybody down. He left all he had in him on that field. Georgia was simply the better team that evening. He has many successes ahead of him; he is a winner and a true team guy.

  31. He jus gotta get tougher he gotta be on sideline in his players face he gotta be more effective their

  32. Nick wasn't having any of this mess. You see him see things straight.

  33. The sky is the limit for Bryce Young, love how he put this in perspective, so proud to have him as QB1.

  34. Run nigga 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

  35. Bryce don’t let this one game get you down bro 😎 man you were like a gun slinger out there that ran out of bullets! Nothing to be shame of you are a great quarterback and a great young man one day I’ll be watching you in the nfl too 😉👍🏈 Roll Tide Roll!!

  36. RTR4EVER!!!🐘❤️

  37. He lost too many good players…play making players.. Others dropped the ball

  38. As a Georgia fan I read all these comments and all these excuses from Bama fans which are just like assholes everyone has one at least your quarterback is a man enough to understand where he made mistakes and don't use any excuses and I'm sure he will correct them and when these receivers were called upon and they wasn't ready for the moment I'm sorry that the coaching issue you should have everybody prepared in case of anybody going down if you're not working that out in practice in case of situations like this guess what that's on the coaching you should be better prepared for situations like that

  39. You can hear Saban say "I didn't mean to answer for you I just knew the question before they asked it."