Arthur to Arsenal TOTAL AGREEMENT! Arsenal get Vlahovic BOOST! Antonio Rudiger NEW DEAL!


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Responses (16)

  1. Vlahovic is just gonna sit back and let these agents take hold of his playing career he needs to man up and make a decision it’s like he’s getting brainwashed or something smells fishy don’t like the way this is going

  2. Arsenal are back too teams like United and spurs. Anyone above that gives zero fucks

  3. ARE YOU MAD ? Why would vlahovic go near arsenal…. there a dead club … he's probably the best up and coming striker except haaland of course

  4. Love this channel ❤

  5. Renato Sanches has always been good, barring the Swansea move, he only played well once at swansea, but he was playing with injuries at that swansea spell. At Munich he was good but was Injury prone, and His good now and injury prone too at Lille. i think Bayern Munich sold him because of his Injury proneness deliberately cos they knew it couldnt get solved.

  6. Terry is a legend. He just needs to read Course in Miracles lesson 47 to connect again. Big up mate

  7. Arthur Smelo. This deal stinks.

  8. If anyone saw Arthur play for Barca, he was exceptional, I couldn't believe they sold him, but later I heard it was to do with his Party Hard life style!

  9. agents are parasites, just like the majority of 3rd party intermediaries, brokers, services, banks, etc. They don't add value to the economy or to the world more generally. It's best to eliminate 3rd parties altogether. This agent situation reminds me of the Aouar saga last summer.

  10. I hate both teams but I hope beat Liverpool because Liverpool fans are getting cocky and I want see Liverpool fans be quiet for once so Arsenal everyone is backing you

  11. If Arsenal win the Carabao Cup they will treat it like a Champions league trophy the trophy they won't win ever

  12. "SMASHED" as you say😂. The best topical footy show online. Superb content as per.

  13. Would love rudager at arsenal

  14. Your wife why you streaming lol

  15. dont know which club you support….but bloody hell what a balanced view and discussion. no mocking and ridiculing any team. loved it. tks