BARCELONA CONFIRMS HAALAND' TRANSFER! The Catalans shock the football world!


BARCELONA CONFIRMS HAALAND’ TRANSFER! The Catalans shock the football world!

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Responses (25)

  1. Ngang Matthew

    If Haaland joins barca and fati stay strong for all matches, then barca will be great

  2. Mark Downey

    Why you talking crap for ?

  3. Abdi Wahid Omar

    No we don't need haaland we need mbappe

  4. Paul Greaves80

    Firmino an coutinho to Aston Villa

  5. Kevin Green

    Dude, your Barcelona rumours are not true and dumb! Barcelona ain't buying no one for at least 5 years with their huge a$$ debt! Even a FIFA Soccer YouTuber can fix Barcelona debt better than La Porta or anyone in the front office!

  6. Tony Castro

    Ok, how is that, Barca didn't have money to keep messi, but have money to get a player who is at this moment way more expensive than him?

  7. Prithwiraj Sarkar

    Stop speeding Fake news 🗞️,,. In Portuguese language 'putos ' meaning is kids not b**ch

  8. virupaksha walla

    This is crap. Just click bait garbage with other's news thrown in.

  9. Joseph Omoyajowo

    LMAO!! Good one!

  10. Barcelona are not good with contact a player have moment they sign them 5year contract with heavy pay than out of the blue they start playing like arsenal players

  11. Kuthozo Vero

    Mbappe will stay in PSG❤Haaland could be Barca or Real👍

  12. Jovi1syde

    How is this Barca confirming Haalands transfer and shocking the world?

  13. Ids Deinum

    Sad That i can’t see the dislikes

  14. Tilen Bedekovič

    1k per year on gavi??????

  15. Ok Kayo

    Gavi 1000 per year wtf he need to leave barca 😂

  16. AsteroidBuilds

    Haaland barca, Mbappe real
    El Clasico will be more entertaining!!

  17. Hawkz RL

    Even as a barca fan, i would rather not have haaland at barca … I am just too afraid that barca wont have the team and tactics at the moment to use him to its fullest potential, which will lead in one of the greatest letdowns for a star like haaland

  18. Martyn Williamson

    Can’t see it happening

  19. MDL Mondol

    Tadic has 35 assists, Messi has 37. Stop spreading wrong news

  20. ~Jun's-Edits~

    Wow bro! Amazing can't wait to see Ronaldo also play for Dortmund!! And of course how can i forget Messi to Ajax best transfer ever! And not to speak about Neymar to Kerala FC!!!!!!!!!

  21. halland to man city is posible

  22. Just a reminder that Laporta did that with Beckham & he went to Madrid

  23. Per Johansson

    Why would he join a sinking ship please dont haaland