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  1. As a Barcelona fan I dont think we can afford him, atleast not with current financial challenges.The sad part is we fans got so excited when 2 deceitful and manipulative gentlemen were seen talking as if there is a chance of bringing Haaland to Barcelona next season. Mr LA Porta and
    Mr Raiola have their own respective & different motives, the former with his empty promises wants to instill trust and hope in all of us who love Barca that indeed there is money available to pull of such massive deal and the latter wants other interested parties to compete by digging deep in their pockets-an auction of a sort. He doesnt care about Barcelona, i dont even think he believes barca could afford his expensive player,just using Barca like a girlfriend telling her new guy how her ex used to spoil her! Damn!

  2. Barcelona "shouldnt" even have enough money to complete a transfer on a £10m player but somehow they do.
    Truly hoping police opens an investigation about this club. Still trying to force their players to reduce salary, but are able to sign new players. Yeah sounds right.
    Luckily UEFA has force Brittish football to be the top league, too much dirty shit in Spain and Italy. Spanish teams should be removed from european football.

  3. Haaland gonna ruin his career if he goes to barca just look at dembele, griezmann, depay , coutinho , pjanic etc

  4. Just begin the era between haaland and mbappe el classico

  5. messi the barca creation and legend! + best in history, srry bout almost leaving it out! really hope he returns in january! but fraid he doesnt!

  6. I don't understand what 300m or 800m you are talking about haaland. Clubs will activate Haaland's release clause of 75m next summer. So along with it, its just the add-ons like agent fee and such. Barça's main obstacle is that wage cap. If they can sell players and if Haaland really is interested then Barça can land Haaland which will be a dream come true for them.

  7. The greatest player of all time is Lionel Messi

  8. He is probably thinking Barcelona naiviteness with Messi contract can work on his favor. If they went bankrupt with Messi, at least he tried…. 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Hope Pele makes a quick recovery.

  10. Just negotiate We Want him At Barcelona 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. No he will be refuse to join

  12. Everyone is talking about how Cavani may go to Barcelona but Corinthians a Brazilian team is also interested and they are paying more then Barcelona for cavani

  13. Messi is the best footballer of all time

  14. Best player is suiiiii Ronaldo

  15. Only news about poor Barca..

  16. Watch barca pay and haaland be injured for 5 years

  17. Diego Maradona…..

  18. Mr Ancelotti is proving everyone wrong great going

  19. Mr Rangnick has said the right thing but let's see if it happens

  20. Haaland is not interested in no Barcelona deal most of all 😀 His dream team is Real Madrid! Its like me being a fan of Madrid from the age of 10 and when im 20 to be interested in Barcelona 😀 Aint no way this is happening! Haaland too Madrid!

  21. Cristiano Ronaldo 🇵🇹🇵🇹

  22. Messi is the best

  23. Every body said Barcelona are broke and no one even imagined we would Ferran Torres….tebas is mad at us for not signing CVC…. Madrid also are in 900 m debt and almost every top clubs are in more than 500 m debt….we can buy Haaland and de ligt both,i don't know how but they will.

  24. Lionel Messi is the best player in the world

  25. Thanks for the update

  26. Messi all time best

  27. As I have always said, Messi is a one trick poney and only good for la Liga and it's Two Horse League and if he ever moved he would not be able to preform anywhere near as well and here he is, in a One Horse League and cannot do it.

  28. His release clause is only 75 mil €

  29. Man City have the same outlook about Players as Bayern. "If you want to leave and if we can get for you what is expected, you can go, we will not stand in your way." It is a good outlook, as that way it avoids dressing room disharmony.

  30. Do we really care what Pogba has decided? For the last 6 years, "what Pogba has decided", is all we have heard. What a shame he could never ever live up to that £90m price tag. Another constantly hyped up Player, not worth 90p.

  31. "If not for Football, half of you would be working at McDonalds"…Actually I refute that. Given that most Footballers have the brains of a peanut, at least half would not have the intellect to work at McDonalds and another 45% would need help filling out the application form….and still not get the job. Perfect example, Kalvin Phillips, in an interview the other day, when asked what tactic Leeds will be looking at, come the Liverpool game and before it was called off…"Well, I think we should rely on hopefully getting a break away goal and not go so full on as we normally do, so maybe a 5-6-1 would be a good option."…?…I bet it would.

  32. Where does it say 800M? The video only has 300M. You are now becoming football fake news with clickbait titles.