BARCELONA'S SECOND TRANSFER BOMB THIS MONTH! Xavi kicks out Depay and signs a new striker!


BARCELONA’S SECOND TRANSFER BOMB THIS MONTH! Xavi kicks out Depay and signs a new striker!

Depay leaves Barcelona?

Barcelona striker Memphis Depay hinted at leaving the club throughout the current transfer window. The Dutchman deleted the photo with the Blaugranas jersey on his Instagram account and removed the information of him being a Barça player.

Looks like Memphis is out, and Alvaro Morata’s move is getting closer!

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Responses (24)

  1. Depay OUT – Morata IN! 😉

  2. Get well soon messi we need u

  3. Urll using barca for views in every vid lol… No hate but yh

  4. About ingsigne it's Toronto not torino i heard torino

  5. Depay is goated in front of Morata

  6. NOW IT'S SEEMS REAL MADRID IS INTERESTING IN DELIGT . YAA< we will see militao with de ligt [duo of epic]. soon.

  7. i believe that Xavi should put his all efforts to convince Haaland to join Barca despite wasting time and money on Morata. The Financial problem is still there so he has to be very wise while picking players so that later they wouldn't become a liability……..

  8. Always a nice update for football. Get well soon for all those who got affected by covid 🙏🙏

  9. Open quote
    "Ousmane Dembele is a mercenary who only plays for money.
    What starts badly ends badly. Ousmane Dembele has become a rotten cherry in the dressing room. A talented player who has underdelivered. An immature sportsman with the mind of a child. A guy who won’t look you in the eye, hiding a conflictive and selfish personality. Barcelona paid more than he was worth for him and he will leave as the most ruinous signing in the club’s history. A disgrace who has never integrated. A mercenary who plays only for money.

    The problem is that Barcelona have known this for a long time and have been incapable of solving it, recovering him. More than a coach, he needs a psychiatrist. He’s as selfish in life as he is on the pitch. His way of living is nothing professional, his bad diet led to a lot of injuries. He left Rennes lying to the board there and was a rebel at Dortmund to get his move. Then he destroyed the apartment where he lived. A bad guy.

    With that history, you could’t expect anything from him, including his secret wedding in the middle of the season in an unknown location. And he’s got an agent, Moussa Sissoko, a disciple of Mino Raiola. In the last meeting when the club thought they had a deal he asked for a 45m euro sign on 30 for Dembele and 15 for him, as well as trying to make him the best paid player in the squad. Blackmail. They have gone too far.

    Xavi’s words have counted for nothing, nor Laporta’s saying he was better than Mbappe. He plays for money and he has a couple of clubs willing to meet his demands. He can negotiate with anyone, Barcelona see him as lost. You can’t trust a guy who won’t look you in the eyes and lies when he talks"

  10. This is shit Barca does should kick out Dembele instead of Depay
    Incase Depay leaves maybe he could re-join Man-U.

  11. Why would they kick out depay that just came in last year

  12. Clickbait… Again

  13. YO it is a VIRUS not a DISEASE🥱

  14. Any one hear about Newcastle 😄😄

  15. they wanna sign morata cuz he doesnt mind being a backup of haaland after the summer. depay doesnt wanna be a backup

  16. Luuk is not a Barca type of forward nor player, that goal is great for him, have team a win but he is not what the team needs upfront. That goal is not a typical Barca goal and had to try play that way since he is the option. Don't get ahead of yourself. He will only remain if other options can't be reached.

  17. I'm a barca fan but sometimes they're the one betraying their players, like the Depay situation. The guy wanted to play for Barca even if it meant lowering his salary but that's Barca for u

  18. Vlahovic has to much potential he should be signed

  19. I hope it’s De Ligt or Azpilicuetta we need defenders

  20. who told you that?. your a liar on depays Instagram account i still se him in barcalona t-shirts he only changed his profile picture
    what kind of channel iz this
    liaing to the football world

  21. Get well soon messi❤️🇧🇩

  22. If depay leaves barca can sign haaland cuz gonna get at least 50 million for him and 40 million for griezmann so haaland to barca is a possibility

  23. Salah would never leave to PSG. Guaranteed.

  24. I dont like morata please there are other players of samuel etoo profile