#BareshelvesBiden is back


Fox News senior national correspondent Rich Edson looks at the causes of grocery store shortages on ‘Special Report.’ #FoxNews #SpecialReport

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Responses (44)

  1. Nice job, Biden. You destroyed our nation.

  2. FJB nothing more to say!!!🖕🤭😄😁😆😅🤣

  3. Minimal bare shelves in central pa, maybe a missing pork gravy if you waited till last minute for New Year’s Day , a few things here and there

    Dc, md, northern va, maybe it’s a bunch of people don’t want to work?

    It’s 90 minutes from me , why the difference?

    Booze, beer fully stocked, relatives in northern va, no bourbon, no scotch ?

  4. Impeach 46 Fill your own & your family's pockets with millions of $$ Joe "O" Biden! The worst president yet! liberalism is a mental disorder & it is all in the communist manifesto! Easy for all to read on YouTube for the know-it-all democrats with closed dysfunctional ears! Mabe your eyes will help you to understand what you are actually voting for! Communism is the goal! This inflation into the poor house is all on purpose! Democrats will say anything loving words not action! Let's Go Brandon!

  5. I know this is unfortunately our reality right now but i can’t even watch the news anymore it’s so depressing

    Live your life and make the best of it instead of flat out jumping in your grave

    Learn how to handle a firearm and right all your wrongs if the end is truly upon us

  6. When the shelves are stocked, you can't afford to buy anything unless you're an overpaid government employee.

  7. President spite the right.

  8. DemonRATS inserted Biden into office as a front man so odumbass can run our country with destruction like odumbass did in his worst 8 years in office!

  9. Biden doesn't care – I'm positive his shelves aren't bare.

  10. Democ-Rats = 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐁🐁🐀🐁🐀🐀🐀🐁🐁🐁🐁🐀🐁

  11. Why aren't Bernie Sanders and AOC, the self appointed peoples champions ,down there crying and doing interviews?

  12. My 80 year old Cuban neighbor thought she was back in Cuba

  13. I saw lemonade let me get that 😊

  14. Don’t blame me I didn’t vote for this …………

  15. Maybe the "fact" that anyone making under 400k won't have to pay taxes will make up for this latest Brandon blunder?? I wonder how many Americans actually believed this nonsense and think they won't have to pay taxes this year. It will most certainly cause his horrendous poll ratings to fall even farther if that is even possible…

  16. Here in Austin, Tx the HEB and Walmart are not experience any shortages with their products. But all the basic nessities are nowhere to be found the shelves are empty and when asked about when they will replace it they don't have an answer! It's all BS by this Corrupt Incompetent Assclowns in this administration! And it's getting worse by the minute! FJB and this Assclown administration!

  17. Please Joe: Build Back BASEMENT!!!! STOP✋️. Doing NOTHING is far better than EVERY decision you make 💯

  18. If you need to know the future of Covid Just ask Fauci , he has a crystal ball made in China ….Wuhan to be specific

  19. Washington D.C. voted 92% for biden!!! You reap what you sow!!!

  20. Biden is garbage

  21. Trump caused a shortage of disinfectant when he told his followers to inject it.

  22. FJB!!! It's all on purpose America!!! The left is inherently evil!!👿😈 They are greedy for power and hate America!!!

  23. F*** Joe Biden And F*** the "Democratic" party

  24. Blame on those who elected dems

  25. Stores in 1981 In Soviet union was very ok. Only 1984 were some problems and in 1989

  26. Biden is the president of the bare shelves era, he is taking away everything people have little by little, and everything people have always fought for. this is the president we inherit from Silicon Valley and the broadcast system. they argue that 81 million people voted for Biden, but the reality is that 3rds of the American people hate Bidens gots.

  27. Good job Brandon

  28. "He's back"…and more incompetent than ever, except at destroying the whole country. Maybe that's what that bunch wants?

  29. No excuses! Early treatment is being withheld from Americans, by this administration and it’causing this crisis!!

  30. Let's go Brandon

  31. Bare shelves???? Fox news was caught filming empty shelves just before they were being restocked with a new product ,
    Looking at USA from Europe you people are looking very gullible maybe even Dumb.

  32. The Communist States of America needs to stop their s*** and get back to freedom.

  33. As usual Fox is putting their own slang on it nobody's saying a word about mandates Vaccine mandates are gonna collapse the trucking industry at the borders Do you think we've got a shortage now of workers and supplies wait We are in the great reset of Western culture capitalism a your capitalism according to the world economic forum this is Joe Biden's build back better plan in action a totalitarian scarcity government

  34. Why do we have supply shortages if the vaccine works so well? Aren’t all the workers supposed to be vaccinated? Or does the vaccine just not work?

  35. "Bareshelvesbiden" yet not one of those issues has anything to do with the guy. I hate propaganda.

  36. 33% Approval Rating, claims 80 million votes- HAHAHaHa Biden Imbeciles.

  37. All man made! All of it! On purpose!!!

  38. hey, Commie president…..Commie stores. enjoy your fake president, komrades.

  39. Time to Impeach Brandon

  40. To you all clamoring for socialism, have a good look around you. This is just a taste 👌.

  41. That pathetic mask makes him buffoonish. They never worked !!!

  42. God, I hate this Biden administration.

  43. MOST POPULAR PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY!!!! enjoy. apparently you wanted this guy.

  44. All of a sudden the weather is to blame!!!😂😂😂😂. Look right in Washington🤬🤬. That’s the problem!! FJB