Baseball Card NFTs?? Topps Series One NFT Digital Trading Cards…What you Should Know!


A New digital product from Topps is releasing soon. Check out this video to get more information on Topps Series 1 NFT. Could this be the next “Top Shot”?

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Responses (31)

  1. Steve S

    Lol everybody who is In sticking with “my old fashion ways” is going to be left behind. Do you know how much carbon footprint is printing cards and getting it PSA? Its funny a PSA 10 Lebron card 50/50 sells more then 2/50 PSA 9.5 No more 3rd party judge and you get value of how many is made plus who has #1-10 makes the value goes up instead of backwards.

  2. Haunted and Alone - Facebook

    Ada Cardano crypto to moon brother !!!!
    Tons of NFTs coming on the blockchain

  3. jeff1 pain1


  4. ZiggyNo

    Did you get into this? Any thoughts?

  5. calibercleaning

    Very Interesting, very interesting, very interesting, really interesting, very interesting. Lol

  6. Crypto Logic

    Bought a bunch at the launch made a 500% return in 1 day !!

  7. Philmington

    Nice video Luke. Effective presentation. Great info.

  8. Safwat Abdelmasih

    cowboys and gals, don't take this NFT thing lightly and do your own research. the crypto and NFT world will be involved in your everyday life whether you like it or not. better do some research and learn more.

  9. ZiggyNo

    Good video.
    You will like the ability to buy packs and cards on WAX immediately. With the BURN back program, even base cards will have value. That could make this huge.
    The challenge is WAX not as user friendly as NBA Top Shot. We will see.

  10. Black Fang

    Thank you for the insight. They created the templates for what cards there will be: .Can you please do an update before Tuesday launch? I’m all in in NFTs but I am clueless to MLB. I was wondering which players r going to be more desired for MLB collectors. I know Kershaw, Freeman, Tatis Jr., Ohtani r gonna be valuable one day, but what about the others?

  11. kerrmann

    Don't know about NFT'S.
    Don't know about digit assets.
    Don't know about blockchain.

    Man you are already years behind. You may as well start burning your paper cards. They won't be any good to anyone 2 years from now.

  12. Average Dave's Cards

    Tried to sign up but Wax locked out my account before I could even sign in. 🙁 Anyways thanks for the informative video guys and hopefully I get it unlocked lol.

  13. FatpackSPhunter

    I’d bet that it might take off finally after many attempts. basically selling nothing for a lot which topps is especially good at. But block chain tech is legit and going to take over everything

  14. Shawn Miller

    It drops at noon cst and it will sell out fast! I also do bunt and yes they sell for real money on FB or Ebay.

  15. Seth cooley

    Something about not being able to hold the card in hand . Is interesting though not sure if it will actually hold the value. I'm not interested in collecting these but might be nice for investors imo.

  16. Gabriel Alcala

    100% all-in! Buy! Buy! Buy! Watch me make millions boys!

    I’m playing chess and you’re playing checkers.

  17. Bobby D

    LLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEE! Nice to see your face! Love the channel!

  18. Nft is trash

  19. Matthew P.

    Thumbs up’d the video, thumbs down to the product. This is Topps bunt, but on blockchain… they could of at least used the video moments idea like Top Shot.

  20. Brice Thompson

    I just don't get it nobody is collecting these they are all "investor's" at some point someone is not going to care and someone will spend $1000s for something nobody cares about 🤦‍♂️

  21. Jimmie Henson

    This is worse than Topps Bunt lol

  22. Joe Hines

    Topps lost the license for football and dropped the huddle app after people spending an insane amount of money on it. They already have the Bunt app. I have no faith in spending my money in anything Topps does digitally. Their methods of abandoned projects are borderline illegal with little to no business ethics.

  23. Are epeople really dumb enouagh to buy a digital card? You are buying an image on your computer, are people really this stupid?

  24. Don't buy the MUDS stock, they will only own 28% of the company. The SPAC stock offering is a scam.

  25. Andrew Wilson

    Isn’t this basically “Topps Bunt” mobile game

  26. Coolman311 Cards and Collecting

    Its best to sell quickly if you get any nfts that are rare because in a year the hype will be dead its not like bitcoin where you can actually spend what you invested in

  27. hedgehog

    It's interesting for sure. It's not really my thing but I may buy a pack or two of the cheap ones. I tried Top Shot which is kind of neat. The "autos" are hilarious but okay topps. Nice video though I enjoyed it👍I'll still primarily stick to my old fashioned cardboard

  28. Thx for the info!
    Rather have a physical card though!
    But hope you can get packs

  29. Bounty Hunter Breaks

    I still am not sold on the NFT market. Topps did an NFT for Godzilla and it sold out in less than 12 hours. I guess ppl will spend money on anything in this current environment. Good Luck.

  30. IF Sports Cards

    This is going to be interesting. I'm not going to be partaking but hopefully you can get some packs! Thanks for the overview Luke!

  31. Brewers Pilots

    Why buy a digital card when I can just take a picture of the card and I can do the exact same thing with it, just stare at it lmao.