Beeple Explains The Absurdity Of NFTs | So Expensive


Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, has sold the most expensive digital artwork in history. It’s part of an explosion in the market for NFTs — tokens that prove ownership of things like digital art that you can’t even touch.

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Beeple Explains The Absurdity Of NFTs | So Expensive


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Responses (25)

  1. Doodle Apes Society look so nice. Seen one for 15k..Best of both worlds.

  2. Buy apeboys nft and token before it blows up , only 200k market cap , 1 month old ..

  3. To understand who pays, it’s important to understand the word “gullible”.

  4. can he teach us how to Tokenize art and how to sell as NFT??

  5. Excuse my ignorance but how does this artist got paid ? Did he actually get 6 million cash for his art or it’s all digital money with value only on the digital market ?

  6. The artwork is not unique and it's not even stored on the blockchain. Nothing about the art is unique and can be reproduced by anyone.

  7. @OpenHeadNFT is raffling a 100 ETH grand prize with their upcoming collection.

  8. It's all a big bubble..

  9. this video goes hard feel free to screen record

  10. I’m not sure I understand. Do you just look at the picture on your phone? Couldn’t you just look at the picture using google? Or do these pictures not exist anywhere else and it’ll illegal to duplicate them?

  11. We wonder why the homeless problem is getting so bad and the inequality in the world not just the USA. I am not saying he shouldn't be honored for his hard work. My point is it is sickening that anyone on this planet has the amount of money they are spending on a NFT when there are people homeless. If someone has $69 million to spend on something like this they have too much money.

  12. Idk how this guy doesnt realize he made a deal with the devil, sells for that amount specifically??

  13. The bottom line, money laundering help create value for NFT.

  14. NFT transactions on Cardano (not Ethereum) do not have the large environmental impact

  15. So rich, wealthy and/or famous people create an absurd bubble from which they benefit exclusively.

  16. Keep destroying the planet by spending energy for this bullshit speculation. Thanks.

  17. people EASILLY becoming millionaires and changing their lives for the better. This is insane.

  18. This guy seems like he doesn’t even understand it himself. It’s more like he just kept making art and for whatever reason people were buying his stuff for absurd amounts so he just kept selling it.

  19. so many screenshots i can take in this video

  20. Great way to launder money

  21. Just shows that people have way too much money. Artists (not only digital ones) are just another group of people – like luxury accessories makers – who found a way to profit from the useless wealth of others.

  22. I can't believe nerds and geeks made everyone fall for this shit

  23. Hi, I'm a digital artist and I can not make nft. There is someone who can do this and it is definitely good for both