Ben Shapiro: Joe Biden's presidency has fallen and it can't get up


Ben Shapiro celebrates The Daily Wire’s Supreme Court win against Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for businesses and reacts to the president’s bad week. #FoxNews

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Responses (32)

  1. Bilbo Blaggins

    Build back blacker

  2. Zane Scott

    We can't take 3 more years ….

  3. Robert Jahelka

    The good news is that it can't possibly get worse than Biden. I don't how we'll get through three more years of this. Scary!

  4. TJ Kaczynski

    City bank owned by George Soreass!

  5. Richard Kaber

    Anybody else think this guy is doing worse than better

  6. marilyn jack

    So the people that are vaccinated are still going to be experiencing the same things that the unvaexd are and that's food shortages

  7. Karen Hardy

    God is in control. 👊🏻♥️🇺🇸💙👊🏻

  8. Catholic Cat1125

    Head Start is keeping the mandate. They suck from the government teat.

  9. marilyn jack

    Possibility of re-election of course we got the Dominion voting machines out there working hard

  10. marilyn jack

    Yeah let's blame everybody else cuz Joe Biden's got nothing to do with anything right he can't remember s*** the poor old soul

  11. LGBFJB Maga2


  12. GC Durnin

    Can the POTUS quit?

  13. Jampa Sritalon

    As an RN I will be losing my career as a result of this. When my savings is done I will be homeless.

  14. KoopaSix

    Let's not forget that all people of color have been removed from food items (aunt Jemima, uncle ben,land o lakes, etc) but all whites are STILL on food items (quaker, Gordon's, chef boyardee etc) Now people of color aren't being represented on food items they purchase. If you can't see that the Democrat party is still the party of racism, you're brain dead.

  15. John Mckinley

    What happen to all the covid money 💰

  16. jim yocum

    Reminder Biden was not voted into office and he didn't win any election

  17. Adrian Amaya

    "He" Biden is a puppet "he" does not do anything, only the puppet masters

  18. marilyn jack

    This is what we got going on in Canada the truckers from the states can't even come in to Canada anymore so I guess we're going to be experiencing food shortages and everything else but that's okay that's okay it's all good if you get vaccinated though even though it does nothing for you as far as I am concerned

  19. Barney Chan

    Is it really a vaccine? It’s no better than a flu shot.

  20. Diego Tavera

    The vaccines should be updated to recent variations and should be as similar to how the flu vaccines are developed for better efficiency. I know that once everyone finds their own ways to help and cooperate, then everything will return to normal. If we don't, then these problematic pretenses will never get under control or managed through!

  21. LineshaftRestorations

    The country was warned about cabbage head. 😳

  22. jim yocum

    I want business to not let experimental vaccine junkie's work for them and see what the attitude is then

  23. Turd Ferguson

    Thank you.

  24. alpha13dylan

    Some Americans won… others did not.. why are we celebrating instead of hard at work? Nurses and doctors across the US are losing their jobs!

  25. Staqin Green

    When conservatives ask what good has the Brandon administration has done, the hosts of The View ask, " Do you really need good news"?

  26. viperdemonz jenkins

    his presidency fell before he was sworn in.

  27. JustFYI

    Like grandpa simpson?! lololol Ben's great.

  28. Tommy Kirwan

    Thank God for the U.S. Constitution, President Trump's Great Accomplishments, and people like Ben Shapiro. NOBODY can think 🤔 Clearly and express those thoughts as quickly and eloquently as Ben Shapiro. He's a National Treasure and the symbol for Rational thought.

  29. Dardania Lion

    What on earth is wrong with Ben? He looks everyday worse than the other day? I am sure he sleeps angry, wakes up angry and here we have him angry.

  30. Niklas H

    Thank you BEN SHAPIRO!

  31. Annette Testa

    It should not be legal for an employer to even enquire if you have had a vaccine – it was only about 5 years ago that flu shots became mandatory in the healthcare field – flu shots that only claimed about 30% efficacy.

    These vaccines don't work, so they should not even be required for healthcare workers – someone needs to do some critical thinking.

    This ruling only gives us back part of what was stolen. So many people gained so much power and money from this "pandemic", they don't want to give it up.

    Vaccines have saved countless lives – so sad that we are now inundated with pseudo science and jack politics; now we have a SCOTUS that is just as fooled as the masses.

  32. Dark Sprocket

    Nice Victory on the Anti Vax Mandate Crap. I like hearing Ben talk and it is really cool to see him here on Fox News.

    The only thing missing is seeing his "Leftist Tears" cup on his table. Should have at least put one on that shelf next to the "On Air" sign.

    I have a Leftist Tears cup and I totally support The Daily Wire and Fox News 🙂