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I produce entertainment through games, memes and parodies, also I am the paper bag in your recommendation, sometimes in outer space.


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Responses (41)

  1. Revified

    what is ur favorite doge moment?

  2. Sepid S

    I want my favorite game fornite

  3. Sepid S

    More sinf

  4. Sepid S


  5. Sepid S

    In a more sindea you

  6. 🌲LEVIOFAN_13🌲


  7. the dog


  8. lzzyb0y

    When ur gonna die in 5mins u watch dis

  9. Gran' Duque Masrum productions

    Lol dogi

  10. Christmas


  11. doge the doger dogin doggy

  12. aveanthony Sambitan

    2:59 dream would never beat this record 🙂

  13. Mr. Troll

    dead memes are taking over

  14. Cyril OSIKA

    0:15 french dvd? Really?

  15. shiba inu

    I always play Roblox all day

  16. shiba inu

    That’s a weird show

  17. tá čo komentuje

    2:58 he have a red eyes?

  18. hyper old

    "dad.. U mean Minecraft?"

    "No stupid"

    `slaps soul out of he's son`

  19. Cupang Kemuren708

    D O G E

  20. eyad ayman

    hu why you use trollface

  21. TheFontGuesser31

    0:37 he yeeted the tv first

  22. Lysogen

    song at 0:54?

  23. Animator Lucy

    Among us as well

  24. Animator Lucy

    Also doge meme hates roblox Minecraft and fornite

  25. Animator Lucy

    Doge is a dead meme and should not exist

  26. Jotaro THICKujo, Guardian of part 7 musical

    I can't blame the dad.
    Why would you call Mario Minecraft

  27. holidays


  28. Pasi Herra

    doge meme

  29. Wolfe 16!

    0:17 roblox cvc music

  30. The Ussr Commander

    wow doge is gamer

  31. The Ussr Commander

    yes sure i have doge

  32. Rafa Legaspi

    1:36 He's confused but he's got the spirit.

  33. Anutr Yossundara

    3:00 is a dream mask lol

  34. Ruby 2411

    what anime is that?

  35. Gacha TV

    Eu amo memes do doge

  36. Sorarisu


  37. Amogurolophus the rex hunter.

    2:59 Kid ,that is lapis…

  38. Me and my friends are having a discord battle and join we are the doges and hes kittys so join: