Biden remarks on September jobs report l ABC News


U.S. employers added 194K jobs last month, well below estimates.

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Responses (49)

  1. Dana Allen

    🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂This man has delusional dementia. I’d hate to see him when the sun goes down, yikes!!!

  2. Patricia Gideon

    what a huge bunch of BS….biden doesn't know what truth is….America knows better

  3. Chad Stone

    Biden is kicking ass. More jobs created in first 9 months than Trump created in his last two years. Biden 2024

  4. Dude where tf are these jobs? Is he just making them all up???

  5. Lmgtexas

    Lets go Brandon!😂

  6. Denise L.

    Biden needs to get a grip on reality. There are so many jobs out there. People aren't going back to work because they are still getting money from the government. As for the COVID vaccination, get yourself vaccinated Biden!

  7. Jay Roc

    I can’t stand his little beedy eyes

  8. Slayer Sigma-Zeta

    Great job President Brandon 😆 🤣

  9. The Dude

    Dude.. my paycheck is down and costs are up!!! 🖕Joe

  10. The Dude

    Let's go Brandon 👏👏👏👏

  11. evan strain

    This guy is just reading a teleprompter. He can't even memorize basic stats or remeber what his plans are. Might as well just let us read it ourselves so you can go cough all over your hands in private. So embarrassing.

  12. Voodoo Sugar Walls


  13. Marcus Kolten

    Let's go Brandon!!!!!!

  14. Scott Stewart

    Hey Joe, show us your chairman Mao tattoo!

  15. Eric The king

    Let's go Brandon let's go Brandon!! How's your crack head sons painting sells going?im much of America have you sold off to china joe!!?

  16. Mr bean the queen of all beans

    Let’s go Brandon 👏👏👏

  17. John long

    Posting any videos about Biden will get you tons of thumbs down votes. Don’t blame it on trolls . We are US Citizens that hate Biden the Dictator and have every right to press that button…

  18. Jill Simpson

    Why waiting on paycheck when you can earn reasonably from Bitcoin conveniently

  19. Ranan Jerry

    Look at America's President….The so called most powerful country in the world elected a total tool as president 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂…….The world Laughs America

  20. Song Ross

    ‪Kind of a kick in the face to all of the teachers and healthcare workers who just got fired. Vilifying people for making personal choices for their own health is horrible, regardless of where you stand. You promised to unite people but this mandate has only caused more chaos! ‬

  21. Aere Ree

    Let's go Brandon! Thanks for that cost of living raise

  22. Sturdy Thorpe

    The only friends Biden has left in the world is the Taliban.

  23. He’s not talking about America, he’s talking about the elites & the rich & (complacency!!! This is us !!

  24. Having a hard time watching … 13:33 minutes … & he didn’t get lost once !!! Amazing …how the lies just flows outta these people!!! But he can’t remember his staffs names ???

  25. Great !!! Your protecting our water ??? Bahaha!!

  26. Didn’t know you found all the pipeline People jobs already ?? Your AMAZING !!! Shitty Actor !!! Funny how you don’t miss a beat when your shoving crap down our throats !!! & You can even recall all the #’s … but you can’t say how many people you left in Afghanistan… 😵‍💫🤢🤮

  27. Joe's real progress, employ more IRS agents, Post Office spying on US citizens, banks invade customers privacy, fentanyl influx virtually unchecked at southern border, 1.5 million cheep labor and groomed sex worker admitted with no available tracking, DOJ criminalizing free speech and criticism of government actions and Hunter still selling US government leverage for family prophet.

  28. Good new 200,000 jobs created last month 300,000 of them in the privet sector and 26,000 in manufacturing. And Joe has the IRS tell me I goofed on my taxes.

  29. Pierre Chalifoux

    I am a Canadian “Deplorable” singer-songwriter. Biden’s ongoing epic debacles
    confirm everything that I put forth in my new video entitled ‘COME ON MAN!…THE

  30. occamselectricrazor

    500k jobs projected, 194k actual, that includes one for his crack head son. buy a painting, meet the big guy

  31. Mike Parish

    All Bulls#it.

  32. Catota Catota

    Let’s go Brandon👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Let’s go Brandon

  33. He should be apologizing for 1.Afganistan 2. mandating an unconstitutional supposed vaccine, forcing nurses, teachers, and other essential workers, out of work. Progression? Ass hole. Our edge as a nation was better before Biden. It is essential to remove you from office asap. No more debt. Anything against the constitution not withstanding. The Infrastructure bill is only 6% infrastructure. worst pres ever.

  34. John Doe

    More like shock and awe at his abysmal failure as president


    History will paint you and your administration as an utter failure!

  36. Dolgorath

    Let's go Brandon!

  37. Audio Lego

    Ariba Viva El Brandon!!!!

  38. Installed imbecile

  39. Mitchell Crane

    what a dumpster fire

  40. Apex Slayer

    where the hell are these jobs? wtf

  41. Randall V

    You know who was able to build jobs better, correct? That would be Donald Trump; remember record low unemployment? The problem with Joe Biden is – well many – but one of his many problems is that he's never held a job, so he really doesn't understand what a "jobs report" would document.

  42. RCJH2019


  43. crb4059

    Lets go Billie!

  44. crb4059

    With all the illegals streaming in, these new jobs should be filled quickly…oh wait…

  45. Paul's Hall

    Let's make it mandatory for illegal immigrants to be vaccinated!

  46. Robert L

    How pathetic a president who runs away constantly.

  47. PerSona View

    Let's go Brandon!


    To all our American kinfolk from across the pond, We, your British family are with you 100% always. It has not been good, your Comandering chief let us down and the rest of the free world! it saddens US to see this! That in all of time, the administration of OUR trusted Friend and Allie of the free world is falling apart in what can be said THE most dangerous time in our history. May God Bless America and our homeland the United Kingdom.