BigTime NFT Space Purchase


I bought an NFT for the game “BigTime” and describe the buying process.


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  1. Mate Terrible and False information in the first 3 minutes. Bigtime marketplace does show the total quantity left, and it is just like any other normal marketplace. There is a section where people buy and sell, and then a presale "drop" section. (only before game release). Even in the open market, if you are active and see Bigtimes announcements, you would see the price sheet of the total amount of supply. Then you go on about opensea? Bigtime Official market has an open sea account. You also state there is insuffient info on the different spaces, it is all over their discord and twitter. Not only that but you have no knowledge of the project and should do more research before creating a youtube video. Joke of a video.

  2. Can you still use card in the open market

  3. all sold out i saw your video 7 hours after you posted