BOOM! CAVANI SIGNS FOR BARCELONA! Xavi's first transfer! Barca will burst into the transfer window!


BOOM! CAVANI SIGNS FOR BARCELONA! Xavi’s first transfer! Barca will burst into the transfer window!

Cavani agreed with Barcelona

Manchester United forward Edinson Cavani has agreed on the terms of a personal contract with Barcelona, ​​the Catalan newspaper Sport states. The Uruguayan intends to join the blaugranas in January.

However, the transfer is hindered by the fact that the Red Devils want no early termination of the player’s contract.

Matchweek review

The first step is to rewind Sunday’s best fixtures. In the Premier League, Chelsea had no idea how to beat Wolverhampton, sharing points with the Wolves in result – 0:0. Manchester City, in turn, defeated Newcastle in an away game – 4: 0.

What totally entertained us was the main event, where Tottenham battled Liverpool in a 2:2 draw. Harry Kane and Son scored for spurs, while Diogo Jota and Andrew Robertson made their best for Liverpool. By the way, in the 77th minute the Reds fullback was sent off for a rough foul. At the same time, after the final whistle, Jurgen Klopp roasted the refereeing brigade for not wanting to remove Kane in the first half after Harry’s tackle into Robertson with a straight leg.

As a result, after Matchweek 18, Liverpool and Chelsea begin to lag behind Manchester City in the table.

Meanwhile in La Liga, Real’s 7-match winning streak was broken. Madrid failed to crack Cadiz’s defensive line at home, giving a 0:0 shut-out. However, Carlo Ancelotti’s team still remains at the top of the league.

Next stop – Serie A, where Milan lost to Napoli 0:1 at home. Thanks to the victory, The Parthenopeans caught up with the Rossoneri in terms of points. Both teams continue to pursue first placed Inter.

We are also to highlight the Round of 32 of the French Cup, during which PSG easily passed the team of the 5th division Entente Feignies-Aulnoye. The outcome was decided by Kylian Mbappe’s brace and Mauro Icardi’s accurate shot – 3:0.

What’s more, we got to see 18-year-old PSG midfielder Xavi Simons in action. The lad took part in one of the Parisians’ attacks, striking 5 shots, making 5 passes, which led to killing moments, and retrieved the ball 3 times afterwards. The Dutchman’s passing accuracy throughout the game was 89%!

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  1. Cavani is very close to transfer to Barcelona! 🔥

  2. yessss yesss come oneee VISCA BARCA 🥲🥲

  3. El Matador finally comes to Spain 🔥🔥🔥

  4. 💙💙💙💙💙

  5. What Memphis do to deserve this treatment 😩

  6. Pogba is useless player overated

  7. Legend know that the real title of this video is about xavi simon

  8. A 34 year old striker?! I don't get it man

  9. Then why the hell did they kick out squarez just because he's old and now see who they are signing

  10. What are they thinking. Not a Barca fan at all but I'd feel bad for them if they sign another injury prone player who is in his 30s. They can't afford that.

  11. They sold Suarez because he’s old and later sign cavani??? This is more retarded like barcalona debt 💸 Messi could had stayed if Suarez stayed

  12. I always wanted cavani to play in Spain

  13. Striker after striker after striker

  14. Srsly how many strikers are madrid planning to buy in the next transfer window?

  15. Barca is a joke!!! For the past seven years they spend over or almost 600 mil on attacking players more than any other clubs and look where they are right now. Let’s see if Cavani can stop Barca from conceding goals! cause the last I checked defending as been their key downfall for the past seven years

  16. If origi leaves………just don’t pls 🥺🥺

  17. 3:42 ahaha what a clown to say that, that's what Bayern is doing for decades

  18. The accent… is laka proper super dupa

  19. depay doesn’t deserve this he’s been important and we’re throwing him out like trash

  20. This channel is changing into Barcá FC club

  21. I will be glad when Pogba is gone from Man Utd. All we have heard since he has resigned is "Will he go, or will he stay". I am sure I am not the only one bored with it all.

  22. What a fantastic game that Liverpool vs Spurs was! But the ref's and VAR MUST sort themselves out. As Shearer says, "there is nothing wrong with VAR, it is the people running it." Technology is fantastic and great to use in sport, but all the while humans are running it and are involved in the decision making, there WILL be mistakes. That is why Goal-Line-Technology works so well…no Humans involved.

  23. Unfair comment about Chelsea. 8 1st Team Players out, either injured, or covid. 3 Players playing out of position and no recognized Striker, with 4 Players playing through a resent injury, not to mention trying to get back to match fitness. Come on guy, at least get it in to proper perspective.

  24. As for Haaland I don't think Barcelona will buy him cause he is young(not in his 30s) and not a free agent. 😎😎

  25. Club for elderly players

  26. Real Madrid can only draw with Cadiz and yet people say they are the favorites for the CL…lololol…that is funny :0)

  27. Southgate, Coach of the Year. England Team of the Year…?…So it is true what they say, the English do love a loser :0)

  28. Man City continue to break records in the PL and yet cannot win the CL It just goes to show that although they have the most competitive League, they are certainly do not have all the strongest Teams.

  29. Lewandowski…robbed…twice, of that Balloon d'Or. If there is any justice within the game, he WILL win World Player of the Year for this Season.

  30. How on earth has Pul;isic won USA Player Of The Year? He has only played about 5 games! He spent the rest on the treatment table.

  31. This is all Barcelona will be able to sign. Nearly over the hill Players with no sell on value, or Youngsters, because they are cheap. "Barca will burst into the transfer window"…Yeah, right. I do not care if they are the richest Football Club of 2021, what a mess Barcelona have become.

  32. Here to say clickbait alert

  33. What a clickbait title. Only 5 seconds at the end for Cavani news that may or may not be true.

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  35. TBH If this is real I wish Cavani the best of luck at Barcelona