Brian Kemp: Biden, Democrats are trying to distract from crises


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp joined ‘America Reports’ to discuss the left’s push to federalize elections, Georgia’s election laws have been changed, and Stacey Abrams’ absence from president’s event. #FoxNews

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Responses (31)

  1. Keep pounding the table for truth and transparency of everything they are doing

  2. Vote for protecting voting and proof of eligibility to vote

  3. I don’t like Abrams but she seems to have realized that the party of slavery still doesn’t like black people. She got played by these Democratic criminals and she knows it.

  4. Fred Wellmann

    Don't mention sedition!

  5. Lois Summers

    This Administration is Evel

  6. Lois Summers

    Biden's is a Lier from day one !!!

  7. Well , you helped bring it about Kemp , why are all of you Republicans bitching when you voluntarily helped install joe

  8. Voter I'd proves your a citizen

  9. billie billings

    So what big event was she at

  10. DMC Customs

    Abrams mask should say "insert food here."

  11. Jackie White

    I can't believe these people are still pushing the idea of voter suppression just because it won't be as easy to cheat. And that's all that's about.

  12. Mug Numps

    What about Hunters laptop and crack pipe ?

  13. Gary Head


  14. Paul Taylor

    This Govenor is a RINO… who the hell is he trying to fool here? He may have fooled FOX but not us. This guy is WORSE than a Demcorat, a RINO is worse than a Democrat. THIS GUY IS A RINO…. he knows all about early voting and looking the other way. Ask him a simple question… Trump or Biden? A dog at a lamp-post has more credibility on election integrity than this guy.

  15. Live Cook

    💩 is blasting 💩💩💩

  16. LosebJughashvili

    Democrats are trying to distract us, from the crisis they made.
    Right out of their playbook…
    Learned this from Rush.
    They get in power, and develop the most damaging crisis they can make. Then say…”only us can fix it”

  17. bruce cerrato

    Brandon cares more about this bill than our countries security,what a disgrace

  18. David Mackey

    CIA Bushites, Dummy…

  19. Melissa Sellers

    Stacy Abrams sells her own people out just like Biden. Stay on the plantation Democrats. Stay under the masters thumb👍.

  20. Kemp is a RINO who helped Democrats steal GA + 2 Senate seats.
    Primary Kemp &
    Primary Raffensperger

  21. TheJimprez

    No they are not. Its Covid and your coup… The inflation is GLOBAL and your supplies rely on other countries. Not much you can do locally about that! Prices go up, because there is a rarity and the sellers exploit it. And the shelves are empty because a LOT of morons are HOARDING!!!

  22. Matt Harmon

    So they waisted tax payers money to travel to Georgia.

  23. leo bretz

    AMERICA WAKE UP! STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!AGAINST MANDATES! AMERICANS are fed up with DICTATORSHIP!! No-one should be allowed to force another person to have a medical procedure. No-one!!! There is nothing more dangerous than allowing politicians to take care of public health, If anyone is trying to silence another, for any reason, THAT PERSON HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE & are GUILTY! STAND UP! DRAG THEM TO JUSTICE!! I want to see government officials held accountable. Now, not later. Let's go Brandon 👍F…JB!! AGREE???

  24. Tra Bellz

    Wonder if Putin is actually a member of the committee of 300

  25. Tra Bellz

    This isn’t a crisis anymore, it’s an hilarious yet surreal fight to keep our country now. The American People are tired of seeing our communities and people suffer. It’s blatantly obvious what’s going on. It’s imperative we stay steadfast and avoid violence. Once all evidence is gathered. We the people ALL of us, should meet at the capital, and we ALL arrest these narcissistic sociopaths and then let them rot in solitary confinement like they are doing to the we the people right now. For Life


    The problem of the left is always blames the right and never admits its mistakes here in Brazil to be like this and I see that because the world is the same and always always and because of racism they always play the role of victim this speech is so toxic

  27. dave campbell

    The rats are jumping ship. GO FIGURE.

  28. Chris Burr

    Is anyone else tired of this team Clinton joke? Aren’t you supposed to be professional to be president??

  29. Kimberly Munoz

    Biden, Pelosi and Harris all need to go. They are destroying everything in America they can. I was a democrat my entire life and now am so ashamed that I ever they want to change voting right…



  31. Cold truth

    I was building this old man a ramp the other day, He ask me to come in and get a drink as i was coming out of the restroom i heard him say, You dam fool's this me against you wasn't good for the country my god, I was standing there looking at a picture of a young boy in a army uniform on his wall and beside it was a frame of medals he was in the war, He didn't ask me if i was a republican or democrat and i didn't ask him he was a old man that needed help that happened to be a hero and put the country he loves first god bless America 🤔🙏🇺🇸