British PM Boris Johnson Facing Calls To Resign For Attending 2020 Party


U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologizes before Parliament for attending a party in May 2020 at the height of the pandemic when gatherings were forbidden. NBC News’ Matt Bradley reports why his own party is calling for Johnson to step down. 
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Responses (46)

  1. Like Boris Yeltsin, Johnson always was a buffoon.
    Someone whom does not even properly comb their hair, is not "put together".

  2. Humans are cold if they are that
    Only Gud knows

  3. Opposition: Get him tf outta there
    Also Opposition: drinks till late

  4. Maybe we need the westminster style of parliament to hold leaders accountable

  5. he needs to get a refund, from his acting class

  6. As an American, I gotta say I love the way Brits do their Parliament, dissing each other directly to each other's faces with crowd reactions in the background

  7. Despicable man I should have said go inside . No you should have said no party is allowed . You are this country's leader . Leader ?

  8. LMAO @ all these kettles calling the stove black. Look at them all packed shoulder to shoulder in a room and dogpiling on one guy for having a few friends over in the backyard out in the fresh air. Am I the only one who thinks this is absurd?

  9. So many parties that Van Wilder had to be cloned 3 times to cover them all

  10. Nah lo. Nyuruh org dirumah tp dia party party. Elit mah seenaknya boleh

  11. He went to a party? lol wtf and is British court literally a room full of people cheering?? Thats worse than a party!!


  13. In the US, the politician in question would be trying to justify their actions.

  14. Man I wish we have that kind of a system it would make a huge difference

  15. I mean, even if he resigns he’ll just go be a lobbyist or something like American politicians do. Most like he’ll get on a cool board for some foreign investors making 7 or 7 figures

  16. This is Cancel culture at it's finest.

  17. Trump stages an attempted coup and Republicans still support him. Johnson goes to a party and they want him to resign XD Things are so different across the pond.

  18. This type of accountability is needed in America…omg

  19. So Boris is saying it was a working meeting, ok. So Boris is stating he and his government make decisions and policies while intoxicated

  20. Welcome to Boris Club
    The first rule of Boris Club is there are no rules
    The second rule of Boris Club is there is no rules
    The third rule of Boris club if Bunter trips up over his own bull , hide him in the nearest Fridge

  21. Any Country that forces their leader to resign for attending a party during Covid-19 lockdown is too weak to exist!

  22. Rules for thee, not for me.
    Leftist and their useful tools on the right are hypocrites and are USING you all.

  23. Hey you elected a frat boy.
    You can take the boy out of the frat house but you can't take the frat house out of the boy. Party on brother and stagger on home.

  24. Boris to fall on his own self righteous sword .

  25. Sack him now, he'll destroy the party.

  26. Perhaps it’s time to seriously consider whether a loveable scruffy mop-top and, like the imbecile Cameron, the ability to sound like Flashman, with of course, a monumental sense of entitlement and all three underwritten by an absolute blindness to ones own many failings are not, after all, sufficient recommendations to the highest office in the land?

  27. He is a human being who makes mistakes but being a leader he leads by example , he should step down as others have..

  28. He didnt apologize, if you were listening you see and hear that. There was no real apology, he was fumming! He is not naive or idiotic, he is entitled and shameless, leader of a bunch of British elites who want their empire back, Empire.02. First gaslight the natives, bring them to poverty, reduce their freedoms and stop them wandering off the new plantation UK with Brexit.

  29. This is just the latest disaster . He is a habitual liar and has damaged both the office he holds but also the country through his ongoing deceit regarding his behaviour and the unfolding Brexit mess . He surrounded himself with Brexit believers and toadies , who , in the main have been equally useless. The U.K. needs a complete reset .A leopard cannot change its spots .

  30. Common people that is precisely why PM Boris sold his/her soul…. for the right to PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Covid was a farce. The fact this lot were out partying during an alleged "killer virus" is laughable.

  32. Johnson always loved acting the FOOL. Now we know he wasn't ACTING, and treated us as the fools.

  33. Boris has NEVER been contrite a day in his privileged and useless life.

    Just like #RandyAndy it is rules for thee, not me… 🙄

  34. Yeah 100% I spoke to Alex for years and years like 25 years as a best friend and not once could he ever say the TRUTH

  35. A week before he died and being saved by healthcare personnels. He needs to go. He is gross.

  36. This effete Toff could happily butcher small children on the steps of Buckingham Palace and still come up smelling of roses

  37. We have to laugh, or we'll go mad!

  38. Yes please get lost and shut down the country as you always do

  39. borries johnson is the best prime minister.he did his work his level best.

  40. Dude needs a haircut 💇‍♂️

  41. Life is not so black and white.