Can Manchester United still attract the best players in the world? | The Transfer Show


The Transfer Show panel discuss the upcoming departure of Ed Woodward at Manchester United & whether the club can still attract elite players.
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Responses (44)

  1. Joe White is a Liverpool fan

    Ralf already looks exhausted and the job is taking a toll on him. Give him some ammunition and power, and see th fly. Remember that Klopp finished 8th in his first season and he was managing a bigger team in a less, competitive environment.


    Mark my word, mu will finish 15th place this season …soon going to play in second division 😎

  3. Baddy Daddy

    Within couples seasons United will relegate……
    It's going to happen…….

  4. william Colgan

    Think next big signing sud be a brilliant world class manager, who knows how to man manage n knows how to use our players in rite place, square pegs in round holes atm

  5. Michael Lamancusa

    Well, no !!!! .. Manchester United have not made good signings in the past 11 years under Ed Woodard.. only 5% have been good, and 1 title to speak of, appalling?

  6. EMOxDemario*

    World's best?

  7. Jonathan

    United are not the biggest club in the world anymore, they aren't even the biggest club in England now. They need to stop living in the past and move on.

  8. Antonio Si

    Is it too hard to say Guardiola and not Gardiola? Best manager in the world he could still try to say his name properly

  9. Brandish h

    no one boards a sinking ship especially when the captain is steering in to every iceberg in sight lol

  10. Brandish h

    in a word no

  11. gazza hopkin

    Laughing stock of world football go United

  12. gazza hopkin

    Are United gonna be in the champs league 😂😂😂😂😂 next joke

  13. Chris Brooks

    The EPL cannot attract the top top players atm. Haaland would prefer to go to a broke LaLiga than the EPL same with Mbappe. We need to be realistic that the EPL hasnt the lure of Barce or Real. Maybe even Bayern as well tbh. Lukaku said it himself. If you cant get a move to one of them three clubs then they consider the EPL.

    The box office signings that Khavah mentions for utd – Zlatan (end of career), Ronaldo (end of career), Pogba peak of career but with moves to Barce and Real falling through. So it doesnt quite make the point that utd are still a major draw.

  14. Carl Marsh

    Did he just name pogba who they sell for 18 million and bye back a few years later for 80 plus million and Ronaldo who is 37 and Ibrahimovic who is similar age should of said Sancho would of made more sence

  15. ghost judy

    Kavaaa is full of carppppp…..😂😂😂

  16. sam bog

    best players in world??? lolssss maguire, fred, mctominay, 2 old blokes upfront lolsss
    is amazing how arrogant n stuck up utd are, think they deserve titles cause of name. not the way it works lolsss fergie was long time ago

  17. Jarmo Haapala

    They didn't get Klopp or Guardiola but they got Mourinho. "Mourinho is simply the best" described Ed Woodward at the time arrogantly like the club is. Maybe a bit of humility wouldn't go a miss if they want back to the top?

  18. Elliot Mac

    Very long way back for this club now. 😏🤦‍♂️

  19. Klopp would never have worked out at United. It took more than a season for him to get a squad the way he wanted…. there's no patience at old Trafford for that kind of transition.

  20. Guardiola and Klopp also work with top directors of football

  21. Fadlan Nasution

    They made a mistake for thrashing Ighalo. He played for the badge, not for the bill. Manchester United are whole circus

  22. dashinarnie

    who is Manchester United?

  23. Debraj Borah

    I don't know why but I simply can't trust someone who says "Ronaodo" instead of "Ronaldo"

  24. C Hylton

    Sell all the players that have huge wages and get young players

  25. C Hylton

    Big players will always come to the team if the price is right

  26. bashir Mawazi

    to nice in u t d

  27. Stephen Cooper

    Problem is the thumbnail. Why haaland when we have problems elsewhere. Wouldn't refuse a haaland but Sancho didn't solve our issues. A goal every game is useless if we concede so many goals.

  28. Wai Yan Oo

    Look I'm not a United fan, so I see things differently maybe… but Woodward's off the pitch job has been spectacular… he would be hailed as a United legend if only he had appointed capable people to decide on managers and transfers… imagine a great DoF and Klopp as manager for the past 8 years… Rangnick has proven to be a capable person when it comes to the football side of things at different clubs… I'd love to have Woodward at a club where the football side of things are well controlled… you can't downplay his effect on United's finances

  29. Legionnaire Gonk

    Financial clout, yes. Footballing clout? No. They are too far off the very best to compete for UCL and even EPL.

  30. Korede John

    Sky sports talk about Man United so much!. Always tryna talk about the club with a negative narrative. Disgraceful what you guys are doing recently. Appalling

  31. The ones that want the money yeah sure they can, but Haaland ain't going utd his dad will know full well the position of utd its toxic you got Ferguson smirking in the stands lurking over the place.

  32. Sam Gaming

    Woodward and Ole were the worst things to happen for man u

  33. Sam Gaming

    We have world class players in our team like Varane Ronaldo Bruno and Sancho but they just dont preform well

  34. Absolutely not, united are no longer a big team like they used to be. All they have to attract players in the cheque book. New manager has already lost the changing room! United are not attractive… the money is.

  35. Shinil Nambrath

    Sky sports why are you so obsessed with manchester united

  36. Emmet Farrell

    They dont need a Jurgen Klopp, one of the best things about football is seeing utd struggle at the moment and a new team winning if it be anyone. What would be so interesting about united dominating the prem for another 20 years and making the best league in the world uncompetitive again. Sorry thats the main issue I have with football, they need this or they need that. The greed in those words and the game is rife. I think the last 8 years of the prem have been the best so far for openness , teams shouldnt need to go out and spend stupid money and paying silly money. Man utd are struggling to deal with a squad built with over paid players that cant seem to adapt to a number of managers strategy's but I think this struggle has made football alot more interesting for it.

  37. Ronaldo John

    Let's just be honest United is just far off it wont win any major trophy

  38. Murphy moe

    Besides having players from all past managers. We stupidly opted for a hardheaded one. my best opinion is Poch if he can come

  39. Gent Next Door

    ManYoo need to stop attracting the best players and start getting the right players. I’m an Arsenal fan btw

  40. Brent Davies

    Problem is all the players brought in lately are on huge wages as are some of the old ones. None of them have the passion or drive to work for the manager or the club, could be for a number of reasons, but now impossible to offload due to the high wages they are on. The clubs become a cash grab and social status for many players. The hunger and desire to play for the united badge isnt bred into the culture of new players its a team of high profile individual stars who arent willing to fight and gel for the sake for the club or team.

  41. RazBaybee

    Manchester United have taken over from Arsenal as the Banter club of England.

  42. TopSlotta

    That wetwipe on the right needs a day off

  43. I think moyes should go back for 2nd shot

  44. Big Wengz

    Our most decorated signing and player we have bought costed us 40m in Varane, and is in his prime, and signed from Real Madrid. I can't really think of many players who leave Madrid in their primes aside from Di Maria (who also signed for Utd) and Ozil. These are pretty much the only players I can think of that left a giant club in their primes for an English club (although Di Maria was treated bad and managed horrifically).