Can You Make Money From NFTs?


In recent years, a trend known as NFTs, or non-fungible tokens have taken the art scene by storm. The market has seen explosive growth in 2021 with celebrities like Tom Brady, Snoop Dogg and Grimes jumping into the market. In October, Sotheby’s and Coinbase also announced their intentions in launching their own NFT specific marketplaces. But NFT’s astonishing success has also led to deep skepticism. So just how do non-fungible tokens work and is it an asset worth investing in?

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Can You Make Money From NFTs?


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Responses (27)

  1. <<The secret is built into the way the exchanges operate. The price of the coins goes up and down based on supply and demand, and the supply and demand for the currencies around the world are different from one exchange to another and because of this, often there are HUGE price differences in the same coin on different exchanges. Many people trade their crypto assets based on online predictions and they end up losing all of their money to the whales. This is not the time to gamble with your money but the time to trade with the right strategies. The market can sometimes be tricky and making good profits despite the unstable market only works with trading with accurate trading signals📉📈. I have been making massive profits off the market for about 9 months now and I have just been following the trade signals provided by Edward Rowe. You can contact him on TeIegr:am EdwardRowe for any crypto-related issue you are experiencing any in the space>>

  2. I feel they should’ve reported the gas fees for selling nfts

  3. When it comes to the world of investing most people don’t know where to start, fortunately great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance

  4. Add my Timer Nft's to the 10 Billion

  5. Imagine artist trying to pay rent, grocery shopping with bit coins 😁
    Imagine forgetting your password to unlock your digital bank wallet 😳

  6. Victor Chaos brought me here

  7. No cuz everyone will screenshot it

  8. very ugly art work, EXACTLY! very ugly lousy artwork!

  9. NFT summed up in 2 words "Money Laundering"

  10. Mrs sonia is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy.

  11. If you don't understand NFTs, Don't do it!!!There are 2 many NFTs scams out here!!!!!! I'll pass I just 2 the stock market!!!!!!!

  12. This can work as a video game but not for real life I think

  13. They’re just the new dropshipping

  14. If in the future people will be forced to live 100% digitally, then I guess NFT art is a thing that can make money.

  15. I remember when money laundering used to be hard

  16. This NFT craze only benefits big influencers and celebs cus there dumb audience will follow them blindly. Think about it Bored Ape has the media in their pocket who influence ppl to spend stupid amounts on their NFT's, try sell them again its almost impossible cus then the next hype will come out. A celebrity releasing their album can clean up $400,000. You are NOT going to re-sell that celebs NFT cus no one wants it the hype is dead. This whole thing is a joke but great for celebs and influencers with their own huge audience to drain money from

  17. Elvis Presley: wise men say, only fools rush in

  18. Hi, I'm a digital artist and I can not make nft. There is someone who can do this and it is definitely good for both

  19. But NFT doesnt protected by law, so when someone counterfeit (screencapture/reproduce) they will be free to do so. You might argue that you have the right/proof, but commercial value do not care for such things. Say you find someone is using your art for their company packaging, how can you sue them? Sadly, you cannot. And goverment will never legalize it, since the system make it easier for money laundry for high level criminal activities

  20. My parents mentioned nfts to my now 18 year old cousin, a bit before he turned 18
    If they aren’t joking then I am extremely angry with them
    Someday I will test them. I’ll ask how to make money off of my art. If they say anything about nfts and actually mean it, I’ll know

    I already didn’t like nfts but now I absolutely despise them. And its all because of clark stacey (and kinda the poppy playtime ones.) clark basically ruined the wildworks community and betrayed everyone, and i cant explain everything, but its awful. All of my support for clark is gone and i haven’t played wildworks games in a while

  21. Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, that's why i trade with Mrs.alexis Caballero her skills set is exceptional.

  22. Please review Adamant Mine

  23. Bem legal, achei ótimo

  24. Like my mom said, "People get rich and don't know what to spend their money on".

  25. Never treat NFTs as an Investment. Don't be the greater fool.